A while back, I made a big shift in consciousness.

Over the past year, this brought me many changes, and some challenges. I wrote about those last week. 

Today, let’s look at some of the changes. There were too many to put in one (or even several) articles, so I picked the ones that stood out to me most.

#1 Disappearing of BIG fears and worries

A core fear for me was not feeling safe in the world. It showed up regularly in different circumstances, in ‘big’ and ‘small’ ways.

A theme that kept recurring was worrying about money. This too showed up in different circumstances and ways, regardless of how little or much money I had in the bank.

And now … they’re gone (without doing any ‘work’ for it …)

Situations that would normally have scared the shit out of me, no longer disturb my inner peace. Circumstances that would have freaked me out before no longer shake me.

This was the most magical change for me.

I’d worked on these fears and worries for YEARS in MANY ways: healings, energy work, mindset work, or simply pushing through them. This brought (big) improvements, but never eradicated these fears completely. They came back every time I made a leap or change in my business or life.

Remnants of the fear or worry come up sometimes—but they pass quickly, don’t disturb my inner peace, and leave no trace.

#2 Major increase in inner freedom and peace

I was already relaxed and peaceful. But SO much more freedom, ease and peace were revealed this year! (And more keeps being unveiled.)

But apparently there were still many things I thought I had to do or pay attention to, which took up a BIG part of my energy and time.

I didn’t realize how much until it fell away.

Now, I see and know that life simply unfolds. All I do is watch the unfolding, and I experience more and more freedom, ease and peace.

Whatever I need to do is clear the moment I need to do it. I don’t have to think or worry about that.

#3 Life unfolds effortlessly

Life became easy and simple. Most of the time, I feel an alive, quiet joy.

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable, scared, angry, annoyed, irritated, sad, or whatever else you can feel—these feelings still come up, but less frequent, and they pass more quickly.

And even when they’re there, they don’t take away my inner peace.

These changes may sound too good to be true, but they’re not—they are ALL part of our true nature.

Freedom, ease, inner peace, flow … these are part of YOUR true nature, too!

(In fact, there’s no such thing as my true nature or your true nature—we’re all Oneness appearing as the many.)

You already are the freedom, happiness and joy you seek …




P.S.: Ready for a shift in consciousness and all the ease, peace, freedom and flow this brings?

I can help—check out my 1-1 coaching here.

P.P.S.: There are many misconceptions about making a shift in consciousness, like that you must stop thinking, meditate for hours, move to an ashram or give up worldly possessions and joys.

Some of this can be part of your path, but it’s NOT necessary.

You can read more about some common misconceptions in this blog. 

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