I’ve known financial stress for years.

I used to struggle with it A LOT, had sleepless nights over it, often didn’t know how to get money to pay the rent, and even went into debt to make ends meet.

So, I truly know how financial worries can take over your life and suck the joyout of you.

I’ve also seen that many of my clients have financial worries too.

Some don’t make enough money, some don’t know how to break through an income ceiling, some are scared to raise their prices or fear losing the money they have.

Most people think the answer to financial stress is to make more money.

They believe that having more in the bank and a nice buffer will eliminate their stress.

Well… no. It won’t.

You’ll feel relieved temporarily, sure.

But after a while, doubts come back.

You start to worry if your buffer is big enough, if your income will dry up, or if inflation will get worse and your money won’t stretch as far as you thought.

You see, how you feel about money has nothing to do with what’s in your bank account.

This may seem unbelievable, but hear me out.

Again, I speak from personal experience and from working with clients with financial worries for 23 years now. I know how more money in the bank only brings temporary relief.

But when the real cause of financial stress isn’t addressed, worries WILL come back sooner or later.

So, what is the real cause?

It’s the way you think and feel about money.

And the numerous beliefs you have about the value of your work, your self-worth, and countless other stories.

These beliefs limit your options and opportunities.

Here are some common ones:

  • The belief that you need to do something to receive something.
  • The belief that money is scarce.
  • The belief that there’s a limit to the amount of money you can make, keep, or handle.

But your business or your work is not the source of money and money is not separate from you.

Money is an expression of Life, just as you are.

It is abundant, always available, and flows naturally when you align with this truth.

You don’t need to know all your limiting beliefs about money to dismantle them.

And you don’t need more money to release your financial stress.

Money is a simple, functional part of life, not a source of identity, security or worth.

When you recognize your true nature as boundless awareness, the sense of lack and the stress around financial issues dissolve. You feel safe and secure, regardless of how much money is in your bank account.

When you shift from living from the mind to living from a state of awareness, you tap into that feeling of safety and security more and more.

The more you see that you don’t need money to feel safe and secure, the easier it is for money to flow to you …

(Even if nothing changes in your financial circumstances, it will no longer be a source of worry or stress.)

This is the shift in consciousness you can make in private coaching.

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