Maybe you think you don’t limit yourself.

Keep reading—I guarantee you that you do!

Maybe you have some idea of how you limit yourself.

By procrastinating or self-sabotaging, for example. Perhaps doubts and fears hold you back. Maybe you lack confidence, or you feel stuck somehow.

Or maybe you just want something better, something more, and have no idea how to reach it.

I can relate to all of the above.

First, I didn’t know I was limiting myself. I thought others or my life’s circumstances were drowning my dreams. I had no clue I did that myself.

That changed when I was 30 and hired my first coach. I realized Iheld the key to my happiness, and the only thing I needed to change to change my life was me.

Since then, I learned everything I could about mindset and working with (healing) energy. I learned how to break through stuck points, transcend fears, tap into my power and co-create with the universe.

I used everything I learned for myself and my clients, and it brought massive change and results.


I still experienced doubts and fears, if only sometimes. And I had dreams that didn’t get much closer, no matter what I did.

Yes, I was freer and happier than ever—yet I knew that even more freedom and happiness were available somehow.

But nothing I was doing, none of my knowledge or expertise helped me reach it.

What held me back was the exact same limitation YOU experience right now:

The belief that you’re a person. (You’re not.)

The idea that you’re separate from everyone and everything else. (You’re not.)

The thought that the material world as we know it is real. (It isn’t. Everything you think is real is an illusion, a dream.)

You’re not the limited, separate being you think you are.

You’re Pure Awareness. Everything is. Nothing is separate from it.

This knowing is an experience that exists beyond the mind.

The finite mind can never grasp the Infinite Being you are—the Pure Awareness we ALL are.

As long as you live from the mind, from the idea that you’re a separate person living in a physical world, you live a life of limitation.

You can only experience what your mind can believe. And no matter how big your imagination is, it cannot imagine what’s truly possible.

Your only limitation is your mind.

And no, you can’t surpass that limitation by working on your mindset and beliefs, or anything else you’ve tried so far. You can’t remove your limits with the same instrument that created them in the first place.

The solution?

Stop living from the lower consciousness of your mind, and shift into the higher consciousness of your True Self.

Be willing to let go of everything you think you know about yourself, life, others, … about anything, really. Move beyond your mind.

Once you do, you experience life more and more as your True Self.

Life becomes easier and you become happier, calmer, filled with more joy and peace.

Stress, fears and doubts melt away. It’s magical. And it only gets better and better!

Start by opening to the idea that there’s (much!) more to life, to YOU, than meets the eye.

Are you willing to drop all limitations you don’t even know you have, and shift into the higher consciousness of your True Self?

If so, I can help.

Check out my private coaching and apply for a spot if it calls you. 



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