Put Yourself First, Baby!

Inner Peace Bundle


Inner Peace Bundle

A collection of 3 master classes with easy ways to relax & connect with your inner peace, freedom & joy!

How to reach your dreams with more ease


3 counterintuitive ways to accelerate your growth

This master class teaches you all about it. (AND: these ways make you feel more relaxed and at peace, too!)

1-1 session:



A 2-hour private session to get you unstuck and take you to your next level NOW!


I’m not offering these sessions at the moment




Do you dream of writing a book, but you’re not sure how everything works (or doubts & fears hold you back)?

This program shows you all the nuts & bolts of writing a (good!) non-fiction book fast!

Online Program:

Unmute Your Life

Unmute Your Life

The online program that helps you break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want.
Because life is too short to not fully LIVE it.

VIP 1-1 coaching

High level 1-1 coaching for women entrepreneurs who are ready to create a business & life they adore the Divinely Selfish way: without selling themselves short or doing things they hate 😉

Online program:


Business Magic

Learn how to grow your business using your intuition & energy, so you can grow it in flow, without forcing, pushing or sacrificing anything!

Marketing from Soul

A master class that teaches you the BEST, most effortless and joyful way to do business: from your intuition and soul!