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Unmute Your Life

Unmute Your Life

The online program that helps you break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want.
Because life is too short to not fully LIVE it.

VIP 1-1 coaching

VIP 1-1 coaching

High level 1-1 coaching for women entrepreneurs who are ready & committed to finally GO for the TRUE dream they have for their business & life. Because you can only tiptoe around what you REALLY want and who you TRULY are before you have to just live & be it – ALL of it.

Business Magic

Business Magic – how to use your intuition & energy to grow your business

Learn all the ins and outs of growing your business (and manifesting anything, really) by using the most powerful tools you already have at your disposal: your intuition and your energy.

Prepare for an amazing year

Prepare for an amazing year – WITHOUT creating a business plan, setting goals, or ‘doing the numbers’!

Timeless content you can use at any time in any year to grow your business completely in flow without doing ANYTHING you hate! Learn how to do that without using any old-world-old-school cookie-cutter business strategies.

Heal Your Money Stress

Heal Your Money Stress – Learn how to ditch all money stress, attract more money, and shift into a state of abundance.

This program is co-created with Maartje Koper.

Relax Release Receive

Relax Release Receive – A healing journey into your True Self so that you can FULLY thrive in your business & life!

This program is co-created with Maartje Koper.

Real, Ruthless & Raw

Real, Ruthless & Raw – A program that busts business bullshit & myths! Listen to the replays and free yourself of all the rules and shoulds that don’t feel good to you. Get inspired to be absolutely true to YOU in every area of your business!

This program is co-created with Maartje Koper.

Book: Unmute Your Life

Book: Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want

What is it you TRULY want for your business and life? 

This book is a powerful toolkit that helps you get clear on your deepest desires – and then LIVE them.

Free stuff

Free Stuff

Check out some cool free things I have for you, like a free checklist to stop & prevent self-sabotage, a checklist that helps you determine why you haven’t manifested your dream yet, and more!

BOEK: Ontdek wat je écht wilt

BOEK: Ontdek wat je écht wilt (Dutch only)

Een praktisch en inspirerend werkboek om zelfstandig in kaart te brengen wat je écht wilt – en daar je werk van te maken.