Put Yourself First, Baby!

Meet Brigitte

True and lasting freedom is available to you now.

It’s yours when you remember who you REALLY are—not just on an intellectual, but experiential level.

Once you drop the mind’s conditioning and shift into the higher consciousness of your True Self, fears, doubts, worries and stress melt away. Limitations drop.

Things that bothered you for years fall away. Action is effortless.

When you drop the illusion of separation and the belief that you’re just a person, unimaginable and lasting freedom, flow and ease are available to you.

You don’t have to become different than you are. You only have to remember who you truly are, and live, see and experience life from that perspective.

This opens up more freedom, flow, ease and joy than you ever thought possible.

This is not just your birthright—it’s who you are.

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About Brigitte—short bio:

I’m a writer and master coach for seekers and high achievers, guiding you to true and lasting freedom, flow and ease by shifting into the higher consciousness of your True Self.

In 2003 I started my coaching business, and since then I’ve helped thousands of women make their dreams real.

My clients published their first books, doubled their incomes, launched global businesses, and realized their most important dreams and desires.

I published my first book in 2008 and published 6 more books between July 2020 and May 2022.

Being a lifelong seeker of true and lasting freedom, I didn’t rest until I finally found it.

Shifting into higher consciousness and dropping ever more conditioning brought me the freedom, ease and flow I always wanted.

I can help you do the same.

“I highly recommend Brigitte as she will help anyone break with limiting beliefs and enter a state of freedom, creativity, and flow.”

Victoria Pericot

About Brigitte—the long(er) story of how I finally found the true freedom I’d always searched for:

All I ever wanted was to be free.

When I was 15, I read something about Taoism. “The master, she acts not, yet everything gets done.” That sentence blew my mind. I didn’t understand what it meant, but I knew that this was what life was all about. Complete inner freedom and peace like the Taoists had was what I wanted, too!

In 2003 I started my coaching business. I helped women find meaning and purpose and create a business & life on their own terms, in their own way, without compromising or sacrificing anything.

That’s the path I walked in my own life, too.

I created massive INNER freedom by doing tons of mindset work. I healed, journaled, worked with my inner child, and worked with the best coaches to release inner boundaries and fears.

I learned numerous tools to liberate myself AND my clients from limiting beliefs and became a master in helping my clients get amazing breakthroughs and transformations.

I created massive OUTER freedom by creating a schedule that allowed me to grow my business while only making 4 appointments per week (at most) for 3 weeks per month—every 4th week was my hermit-week, my completely appointment-free week.

I stopped making business plans and setting goals in 2016, and let my intuition guide me 24/7 instead, not knowing what the next week or month would bring.

Over the years, I found more and more inner peace and relaxation. I finally understood what the Taoists meant when they said that the master doesn’t act, yet everything gets done. I was LIVING that truth.

I did everything in my own way, without compromising anything I held dear. I sacrificed nothing to grow my business and experienced more freedom than anyone I knew.

But …

Something was still missing.

I hadn’t found complete inner freedom yet.

The same issues and fears came up every time I took a next step in my business.

I still worried and stressed about money at times.

I still often felt unsafe.

I still often wondered if I was good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough of an even better, easier, more effortless life.

I still sometimes doubted if I was doing the right things or if I should be doing more.

And there were dreams I’d had for YEARS that didn’t seem to get any closer, no matter what I did.

I knew more was possible and this was not all there was.

But where and how could I find the piece that was still missing?

My unending search for complete inner freedom, living life to the fullest and enjoying each moment, lead me to the answer:

To drop my conditioning and see through the illusion of who I thought I was and everything I believed about life and myself. I shifted into the higher consciousnesses of my True Self—not just as an intellectual knowing, but experientially, as a lived reality.

This changed everything.

I found the freedom I always searched for by seeing through the illusion of being a person and remembering who I REALLY am.

This isn’t only possible and available for me. 

It’s available for YOU, too!

Your life can become more beautiful than you can imagine in your wildest dreams as well.

True and lasting freedom, ease, peace, flow and joy are yours already.

I can help you drop your conditioning and shift into the higher consciousness of your True Self*.

Apply to work with me.

*(Which, by the way, is not your personal True Self. There is only one, and we are It—everything is It.)

My life changed completely!

I found inner peace; love my work more; have more energy, more free time, and I’m happier overall.

Everything is so much better now.

Thank you, Brigitte!

Petra Jungblut


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