Don’t focus on positive thoughts.

Don’t focus on ANY thoughts.

Just don’t pay attention to your thoughts.

At all.


Focusing on thoughts feeds the mind and keeps you trapped in your identification with the mind.

Trapped in your limited self, in the idea that you’re a separate person, on a journey through life, having to work and plan and act and grow and evolve and do and fix and overcome and achieve.

None of that is who you are.

None of that is what life is.

You are Pure Awareness, temporarily experiencing life as the idea that you’re a separate person, an individual separated from everyone and everything else.

Once you realize your true Self, the Pure Consciousness everything and everyone is a temporary expression of, you’ll realize that EVERYTHING you ever desired and searched for is who you already are.

Then you’ll realize that there’s nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, nothing to fix, and nothing to focus on.

Don’t focus on positive thoughts.

Don’t get interested in ANY thoughts.

Let them pass by.

Thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences come and go.

Your True Self never goes anywhere.

It always was, always is, and always will be.

Gently bring your attention to the One who notices everything that comes and goes.

Rest in the Awareness you ARE.

That’s all you have to do:

You only have to BE.



P.S.: Want to make this shift out of your mind and the idea that you’re a separate person and into the higher consciousness of your True Self?

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