Since I’ve experienced a profound shift in consciousness and guiding my clients through the same transformative journey, I’ve noticed some common misconceptions surrounding this process.

These myths might hinder you on your path.

But before we dive into them, let’s first define what this shift in consciousness is.

It’s a shift from living perceiving yourself as a separate person making your way through life, to recognizing that you are Oneness itself. This realization of your true Self unveils the freedom and peace within, and you experience how life unfolds effortlessly.

Making this shift isn’t difficult and it’s not reserved for a fortunate few.

It’s simple and available to everyone, regardless of background or circumstance.

Here are three other common misconceptions about making a shift into higher consciousness and realizing your True Self:

#1 You need to stop thinking or quiet the mind

You don’t. (And working on your mindset isn’t necessary either).

Thoughts will always be there. They’re not yours and you’re not the one thinking them. They arise and fall back in the vast space of Awareness you are. Trying to control them is pointless, unnecessary, and impossible.

#2 You need to give up worldly possessions, or certain pleasures or behaviors

Nope. You don’t have to stop eating meat or give your savings to charity. You don’t have to stop making dirty jokes and you don’t have to start wearing formless rags.

You don’t have to become serious or boring and you don’t have to change your lifestyle.

You don’t have to give up anything or change who you are and how you live in any way.

Who you are and how you live right now is perfect to make a shift in consciousness.

#3 You need to get rid of or overcome your ego

You don’t have to change or let go of it. There’s nothing to overcome and there’s no one to become.

You also don’t have to meditate for hours, visit an ashram, or find a guru. This can be helpful, but only for those this resonates with.

If something doesn’t resonate with you, it’s not your path.

Oh, and after you made this shift?

Life is still life.

You still have preferences, and your personality is as colorful (or boring, I don’t know you ;-)) as it always was.

You can still enjoy reading thrillers, make politically incorrect jokes, curse like a sailor and watch cheesy Christmas romcoms (If, like me, you enjoyed that in the first place.)

It’s not 24/7 unicorns and bliss.

Shit can still happen. Thoughts and feelings still come up.

BUT—they no longer take you over. ‘Bad’ feelings pass quicker and leave no marks.

You know you’re Life itself showing up as the character you assume yourself to be.

Everything unfolds effortlessly.

It’s never too late and you’re never too young to make this shift.

Your life doesn’t have to be calm or quiet.

You’re ready when you’re ready. What (or whom) you need to make this shift will cross your path.

Making a shift in consciousness and realizing your true Self is much simpler than you think.

You already ARE the freedom, happiness and joy you seek—this realization is just temporarily veiled.

Unveiling it can happen at any time, in any way, for anyone.



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