Since I was a kid, I yearned for more freedom.

But I only experienced the beginnings of it when I started my business in 2003, at age 35. It felt great to stop doing meaningless office work, wasting my life on things that didn’t truly matter to me.

Working as a coach felt fulfilling.

But growing my business brought more busyness, stress, and financial worries, diminishing my sense of freedom.

Over the years, I managed to create incredible freedom.

(I describe this journey and the steps I took in my book The Happy Hermit.)

I never made more than 4 appointments per week. Once every four weeks I had a completely appointment-free week, my hermit-week. I was freer than EVER before.

But … I still didn’t feel completely free.

I still experienced fears, worries, felt restless, uncertain, seeking, or insecure at times. No matter how wonderful my life was, I still longed for something.

I sensed something new awaited me and trusted it would find me at the right time.

Which it did.

After years of actively searching for and creating more freedom, I FINALLY found what I always yearned for.

The kind of liberation, inner peace, ease and flow I somehow knewwas the essence of life.

How did I find it?

It was the opposite of everything I did before.

It had nothing to do with mindset shifts or energy work.

It had nothing to do with changing my business model or working more efficiently. It had nothing to do with manifesting, strategies, methods or tools.

A shift in consciousness revealed the freedom I longed for.

This shift did not require any action. All it took was to drop conditioning, which happens automatically when you stop engaging with your thoughts.

Once conditioning started to drop, life went on as usual … AND everything changed.

More freedom, ease, inner peace and flow revealed itself than I imagined where possible. (And even more continues to be revealed.)

Nope, not everything is moonshine and roses.

Life goes on, stuff happens, people die, emotions arise. But how I experience them is RADICALLY different. Underneath all happenings is calmness and a quiet, alive joy. Life unfolds with ease.

If you long for something different, something more, know that this is life itself calling you home to YOU.

The freedom you seek is already yours. It’s just obscured by conditioned thoughts and (re)actions.

Stop engaging with your mind, and experience for yourself how much freedom, ease, flow and inner peace are available. It’s your true nature. And it’s already here, now.

If you’re not sure how to stop engaging with the mind and let conditioning drop, I can guide you.

If this resonates, working with me might be your next step.




P.S.: Wonder what changes and challenges I noticed over the past year since I made this shift?

You can read about the challenges I encountered in this blog. 

You can read about the (major) changes I experienced in this blog. 

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