In my previous blog I shared why I deleted my podcast, blogs and online programs, and that even though a lot has changed, I still help you find freedom and a business and life you love.

Notice that I wrote ’find freedom and a business and life you love.’

I did not write ‘create’

I did not write ‘achieve’

I did not write ‘make happen’, ‘work towards’ or ‘get done’.


Because freedom is already yours—it’s who you are.

You don’t have to struggle, strive, push, force or do ANYTHING to make your life and business beautiful, magical, and wonderful.

You don’t have to plan for it, set goals for it, get it done, or make anything happen.

Freedom and happiness are already yours.

Life is beautiful, magical and wonderful.

The only thing you have to ‘do’ to experience life this way is to stop living from and identifying with the mind, and to live from the higher perspective of your True Self instead.


Stop giving your attention to your thoughts, your issues, and even your desires (!).

Stop buying into anything the mind feeds you—and stop feeding your mind.

When you do, your limitations, fears, and conditioning will drop and dissolve.

What’s left is who you REALLY are, your True Self.

What’s left is happiness, freedom, and inner peace.

Life flows effortlessly.

Yes, you still take actions—but all your actions arise naturally without thinking about them. And you take them effortlessly.

Yes, you still have thoughts and feelings—but you no longer identify with them, they no longer unconsciously rule your (re)actions or life, and they no longer limit you. They come and go. They pass through you without leaving a trace.

THAT is true and lasting freedom. THAT is true and lasting happiness. It’s who you are.

Once you truly realize this, your outer life will soon reflect the freedom, happiness and peace you already are on the inside.

Stop trying to fix or change things on the outside. It brings you fleeting happiness at most.

Stop trying to fix things on the inside. That can improve your life for sure, but only within the limits of your mind.

If you want to find the happiness and freedom that are already yours, you need to move beyond your mind.

This is available for everyone, including you. The only question is if you’re ready for it now.

If you long for true and lasting freedom, happiness, ease and flow, check out my private coaching and apply for a spot if it resonates.



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