One month ago, I had a podcast with 53 episodes. I offered multiple online programs and published 1077 blogs on my website between November 2011 and November 2022.

December 2022 came and …

… I threw it all away.

(For the second time.

The first time, in November 2011, I switched from working in Dutch with professionals in jobs to working in English with women entrepreneurs. Back then, I deleted everything I created since 2003, too.)

Now, I ditched everything (except my books) again.  


Because the essence of my coaching and message has drastically changed.

And my old podcasts and blogs are no longer aligned with what I now know and experience.

Yes, I still work with women entrepreneurs.

Yes, I still help you find freedom and a business and life you love.

But how I help you, is completely different.

Before, I helped you follow your intuition, set boundaries, get clear on your true desires and be true to your soul without compromising or sacrificing. I showed you how to do everything in your own way by being true to yourself in every aspect of your business and life.

And that works.

It worked for my clients and it worked for me. It brought me a lot and helped me create a business and life I love.

BUT – actions and inner (mindset and energy) work can only take you so far. 

I kept feeling that more ease, more joy, more happiness and more freedom should be possible.

I still worried or experienced stress sometimes.

I still experienced doubts and fears.

I still had desires that, no matter what I did, never seemed to come closer.

I knew there was more to life.

I just didn’t know how to access it.

Until I found the answer: to shift into the higher consciousness of my True Self.

To drop the mind, drop the conditioning, and drop the identification with being a person.

I realized that almost everything I thought I knew about myself, life and the world wasn’t true. I already knew that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and I experienced what that felt like at times.

But it wasn’t my default state. And it was more an intellectual knowing than the way I experienced life.

Now, I know, deep down, that human life and the world as we know it is an illusion.

I realize that what we are is Pure Consciousness, Pure Awareness, and nothing exists outside of it.

This is no longer an intellectual knowing only. It’s how I experience life more and more each day.

My life has changed so much.

I experience SO much more freedom and happiness now. I can’t even find the words to describe how much my life improved, and how much more ease and flow I experience! 

I’m continually dropping more conditioning and embodying my True Self more. (Which is the same as your True Self, by the way. There’s only One and we’re all it. Nothing exists outside of it).

And no, you don’t have to work on your mindset to shift into higher consciousness. On the contrary!

You drop the mind. You move beyond it. Which is what I now help my clients do, too.

If you wonder if there is more to life (there is!) and you long for more freedom, flow and ease, I can help.

Check out my 1-1 coaching here and apply for a spot if you feel it’s for you.



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