Last weekend, I rewrote my bio and some other copy on my website for the gazillionth time since I started my business.

Over the years, I’ve made quite some changes in my business, some bigger than others. And every time, rewriting copy was a natural result.

So what changed this time?

You may have noticed the new tagline on the homepage:

‘Create a business & life you adore through a simple shift in consciousness.’

(It was ‘Find the freedom, flow and ease you’ve always searched for’ before.)

Why the change?

For some time now, I’ve been on a journey of profound transformation.

Through deep spiritual insights and practices, I experienced a significant shift in consciousness that transformed both my life and my coaching approach. (I wrote about that shift in this blog.)

Initially, this led me to broaden my audience to include all seekers and high achievers.

I wanted to share these powerful practices and help a wider range of people find the freedom, flow, and ease I had discovered.

However, as I continued to work with clients, I noticed a few important things:

I still deeply resonated with women entrepreneurs, and they continued to be the people I automatically attracted.

The questions and challenges my clients faced and the topics we discussed remained the same, regardless of my new coaching approach.

These topics have not changed much over the past 12 years and include, for example:

  • How to make more money / release financial stress / feel more secure around money;
  • How to stay true to yourself in doing business / do business in your own way, on your own terms;
  • How to feel more relaxed, less overwhelmed, and experience more freedom;
  • Releasing self-doubt and self-criticism;
  • Releasing fears and trusting your intuition

My own transformation deepened and anchored in me over the past year and a half, allowing me to see the value in blending my previous methods of transformational coaching with my new approach based on a deeper, more profound spiritual shift.

This realization led me to embrace an integrated approach, blending transformational coaching with profound spiritual insights.

This combined approach encompasses business and life, helping you create a business & life you adore, free from (financial) stress & compromise, through a simple shift in consciousness.

The new tagline represents this blend of old and new.

It’s about supporting you in making profound shifts in consciousness while also addressing the practical aspects of your business and life, in a deep yet practical, simple and direct way.

This helps you:

⭐️ Align your business and life with your true self.

⭐️ Move from constant doing to inspired being, where actions flow naturally and effortlessly.

⭐️ Create a business and life you adore, free from financial stress & compromise, filled with genuine fulfillment.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you see that this has been at the heart of my work for years.

The main difference is the way I help you create these results: instead of working on mindset, energy, and making things happen, there is an easier, deeper, more powerful way:

Making a simple shift in consciousness, from living from the mind to living from a state of awareness. In that state, you watch life unfold for you instead of struggle to make things happen. I wrote about that before and will write about that more.

Here’s to creating a business and life we all adore—through simple, transformative shifts in consciousness.



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