Last week, Arjen and I took a mini vacation.

We rented a tiny house in a beautiful area and enjoyed a lovely stay, fantastic food and lots of nature and quiet.

It was great to be away for a couple of days. It’s nice to have different surroundings and see new views.

Not because I need it; but because it’s fun.

That used to be different.

Many years ago, I needed vacations. And weekends.

I needed them to recharge and reconnect with myself.

The jobs I had weren’t fulfilling, and being around people all day every day is SUPER draining for me.

This hermit needs her alone-time, people. 🙂

Now, I live a life I don’t need to take breaks from.

My whole life is one big, recharging and fulfilling playground.

But I still remember what is was like to feel like my time, my life, slipped through my fingers without having much say in how I spent my time. (Or so it felt.)

How about you?

Do you live a life you don’t need breaks from?

Or are vacations and days off necessary for you to recharge and reconnect with yourself?

Do you live life the way you LOVE to live it?

Do you LOVE your business and work?

If not, know that it doesn’t need to be that way.

You don’t have to wait to retire, for the mortgage to be paid off or for your kids to leave home before you can live the way you love.

You can find more freedom now, even without making any changes in your outer circumstances.


By changing your state of consciousness.

By being present in the moment, giving each moment and whatever you do your FULL attention.

Don’t get distracted by thoughts of the past or the future.

Life is NOW. This moment is all there is.

Stop running away from this moment and embrace it with open arms.

The more you sink into this moment, the richer and deeper life gets.

(And whatever changes you’d like to make on the outside, suddenly seem to take care of themselves.)

Freedom and fulfillment are within your reach right now.

Stop waiting for things to get better at some point in the future, and live NOW.

To your freedom and a business and life you love,



P.S.: Not sure how to create a business and life you love?

I can help. 


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