I don’t really follow marketing tips anymore, but every now and then something catches my eye. Recently, I saw different marketeers share different messages about the best time to send emails.

One person said that his research concluded that it didn’t make ANY difference. Another had some theories about which days would be best, depending on your industry.

And I remember from YEARS ago, in prehistoric times when I followed DOZENS of marketeers and business coaches to absorb their info like a dried out person swallows a drop of water, that Monday mornings were a no go and no one reads emails on weekends.

The market keeps changing. The advice keeps changing.

And the world is and always has been full of contradictory advice. Whether the topic is marketing or ANYTHING else.

So who can you trust?

Who can tell you what will work for you?

Whose advice should you listen to?!

It’s super simple.


You can trust YOU.

Or better yet:

You can trust your own inner guidance.

Does your inner knowing tell you to send an email Tuesday morning at 5 am?

Do it.

Does it tell you to definitely NOT send it at 5 am and wait until 11 am?

Do it.

Does your inner knowing sometimes tell you to send it at 5 am and sometimes to send it at 3 pm?

Do it.

No matter who says what works why or how thoroughly something has been researched, that doesn’t guarantee anyone anything.

Every person is different. Every situation is different. Every moment is different.

And there’s ONE expert who ALWAYS knows what’s BEST for YOU …

And that’s you.

Your own inner knowing.

Don’t think that just because you know nothing about marketing, or finances, or plumbing, that your intuition knows nothing about it either.

Years ago, a mechanic came to my apartment to fix a problem with my internet.

“Ah, well, I see what the problem is,” he said. “Your modem isn’t in the right place. We should put it there instead of here. I’ll drill a hole here and a hole there, and that should fix it.”

I had no idea what he was talking about.

I know nothing of modems, how the internet works, or even drilling holes.

But my intuition was clear:

This was NOT the solution.

 “I don’t know anything about this, but I know one thing: this is not the solution. So we’re not doing this,” I said.

The guy wasn’t sure what to do and called his manager. “Yeah, I suggested that, but the lady said ‘no’”, he said, and after listening to a response, he hung up.

“They’re going to do some checks and call me right back.”

Two minutes later his phone rang. They found the problem.

There was something wrong with a connection thingy at the end of my street. They’d have to send a crew to do some (literal) digging and fix whatever needed manual fixing.

No drilling holes were necessary.

The mechanic looked at me strangely. But I was not surprised. Even when I have no clue about a certain topic, I know I can always, blindly, trust my intuition.

The same is true for you.

Practice listening to your intuition.

Get to know your deeper knowing.

In a world full of opinions and contradicting advice, that’s the ONE thing you can always count on.



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