One of my fears when I started my business over two decades ago was if I had enough discipline to build a business.

I thought of myself as lazy, undisciplined and needing structure to get anything done.

For YEARS I thought I wasn’t doing enough or wasn’t doing the right things.

Jeez, the pressure that caused!

Sometimes I blamed myself for being lazy. Sometimes I blamed myself for being too scared and procrastinating as a result.

Other times I wondered if there was an unknown block that kept me in ‘waiting’ mode.

I often thought I did something wrong and, ultimately, that there was something wrong with me.

All these doubts were a result other people’s (and society’s) conditioning I eventually took on as my own.

They included ideas and beliefs about work, what it takes to get what you want and need, and the importance of being productive.

I’m not the only one who was affected by other’s ideas about productivity, discipline, work and so on.

In my almost 23 years of coaching people, I have yet to meet the first person who doesn’t sometimes worry about doing enough and/or doing the right things.

Releasing the pressure and stress these internalized stories and beliefs cause, has been one of the main things I worked on for myself and with my clients.

Over the years, I managed to release most of that pressure and stress.

As a result of doing TONS of mindset -, inner -, and energy work, and lots of healings, I let go of the pressure and learned to embrace my ‘laziness’.

Meaning that I learned to follow my natural rhythm. To some, it may seem that I’m lazy or not very productive.

Yet I know that I can only deliver great work when I’m completely true to my intuition and flow.

Sometimes, I don’t do much for days on end. Sometimes, I’m super active. But for me, those super active days are the exception, not the rule.

That’s just how I roll, and I learned to completely embrace and honor that.

All this inner- and mindset work brought me a lot and massively increased my inner freedom and peace.

BUT …  I was never completely free of inner turmoil and the idea that maybe, I should do more and be more productive. 

That’s why I kept searching for ‘the’ key to inner freedom, peace and ease.

Eventually, this search brough me on the path of making a shift into higher consciousness.

Making that shift brought me REAL inner freedom and peace—which is ongoing and ever expanding.

Now, I experience a wonderful, balanced, peaceful flow most of the time.

I no longer wonder if I’m productive enough or if I’m doing the right things.

And I never wonder if there’s something wrong with me anymore, which feels quite wonderful, too. 🙂

If you sometimes feel pressure to do more, wonder if you do the right things or if there’s something wrong with you, know this:

👉 There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you;

👉Being productive is highly overrated. Often, you’re busy for the sake of being busy, and many of your actions are unnecessary;

👉 When you act from inspiration instead of pushing, you can get similar (and often better!) results in much less time;

👉 Life and business can be much easier than you think, and

👉 You can experience ever expanding inner freedom, flow and ease, too.

All it takes is making a shift into higher consciousness.


Shift from living from the mind to being the witness of the mind.

If you’re not sure how, I can help. 

Freedom, ease, and inner calm are your natural state, too, and you can learn how to tap into it, just like I did.



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