This week I spoke with several private clients, and there’s one theme that came up in each call:

Trusting your inner wisdom.

Often, it’s clear what you need or want to do. You only think you don’t know, because what your gut tells you clashes with what your mind tells you.

But your mind can’t figure out what to do.

Whatever the mind can come up with is always limited.

Your True Self is limitless and knows everything is possible in each moment.

When you stop living from the mind and tap into your true nature, you always know what to do when.

You know when to act and when to pause.

You follow the flow of each moment regardless of what the mind thinks of it.

You no longer try to figure things out because you know you don’t have to—whatever you need to do will be clear the moment you need to do it.

You no longer let your limited mind rule your life but follow your deeper knowing instead.

Everyone has access to this deeper knowing, including you!

And if you’d like to let life be easier and unlock your limitless potential, it’s time to start listening to your deepest wisdom more.

All it takes is practice.


Bring your attention to the present moment. Notice what you think and feel. What feels like the right thing to do now?

Take a nap, write an email, make a phone call, or stare out the window until you’re bored with it?

Your mind might act up and tell you why you can’t do this and should do something else instead.

Leave the mind alone.

Follow what feels good instead, even when you don’t understand what it’s good for.

Keep practicing being present and noticing what calls you.

The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to follow your deeper wisdom—and the easier business and life unfold for you.

Just like my clients experience. They stop forcing themselves to do things they don’t feel like.

And often to their surprise, they notice how everything always gets done at the perfect time, without any force or stress.

Life and business can be easier than you think, and what you need to experience that is already yours:

Your own deeper inner knowing.

Be present to this moment more often, notice what feels right, and act on it—even when your mind objects.

Your deeper knowing comes directly from your limitless Self, which knows MUCH more than the limited mind can ever imagine.

Stop trying to figure things out.

Whatever you need to do (if anything at all …) will be clear the moment you need to do it.

Be present to and in each moment, because the doorway to your unlimited potential is only open in the present moment.

What feels right for you right now?



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