Many years ago, launching a new program was a BIG source of stress.

I worked with my coach on the launch strategy and discussed the disappointments, stress, and pressure of launching. How to stay energized and make it as fun or stress-free as possible?

I often wondered if I was doing enough (and if I was enough).

How I hated launching!

Over the years, I learned to relax and rely on intuition and inspiration, making launching MUCH easier and more fun.

The last thing I launched was my book ‘The Happy Hermit’ in 2022.

Since then, a lot changed, notably an inner shift in consciousness.

Last year, not much happened business-wise. The inner shift landed and expanded.

Now, a new season arrived where I turn outward more, write more, and launch a new program.

WOW! What a difference! I thought I’d already found the way to pressure-free launches, but there’s a whole UNIVERSE of ease I’ve never tapped into before.

I noticed this in other areas of my business and life as well: everything unfolds with ease, and I experience ever more freedom and flow.

But this is the first time I notice how easy launching is now.

Yes, I talk and write about the program, inviting those who resonate to join.

But I feel ZERO pressure to promote it. I no longer think my results depend on my actions or wonder if I’m promoting enough.

I know those who need to be there will find their way, no matter what I write or say.

I always knew that, but now I not only KNOW it, I not only TRUST it, it’s simply a given.

Now, I feel super relaxed.

No more checking my email multiple times a day for new sign-ups. I don’t wonder if I should send another email, post another blog, or find some other way to promote the program.

Not that I thought about that a lot before, but now that I don’t think about it AT ALL, I notice how liberating it is to feel absolutely ZERO pressure.

I never realized how much time and energy I spent thinking about my business (and the feelings, doubts, and insecurities this triggered):

How could I promote my work in ways that felt good? Who did I need to be to grow my business? What did I need to change, do, heal, transform, or let go of? Should I create a funnel? How could I grow my list or promote my books? Was I productive enough? Should I do something different? Did I need a brand?! Was it time to refresh my website? Etcetera. Etcetera. It was NEVER ENDING.

Today, I’m free of all that.

Holy shit, what a difference that makes! I’ve never felt freer. I’ve never ‘worked’ less.

(Whatever work is. I simply do what feels inspired in the moment, whether it’s drinking tea, writing a blog, or even getting REALLY busy and writing a blog WHILE drinking tea! 😁)

This freedom, ease, and peace keep expanding.

For the first time in 21 years, business is truly easy.

I thought it was relaxed before, but SO much more ease was available (and keeps being revealed). I LOVE it!

The best part is, you don’t have to make complicated jumps through numerous hoops to experience more freedom, ease, and flow.

All it takes is to shift in consciousness and start living, acting, BEING from your True Nature instead of your limited self.



P.S.: Making that shift is what working with me is all about. 

You can read all about my private coaching here. 

Or read about the program I mention in this blog, Easy Breezy Business—build and grow your business effortlessly and stress-free here. 

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