A common misconception about relaxing is that it takes time.  

Most people believe you can either relax OR work. You need time off to relax and take it easy, right?

Relaxation is often associated with evenings, weekends, and vacations—assuming there are no pending chores.

Is it possible to relax when your schedule is full or you race against a deadline?

What these ideas have in common is the belief that relaxation is the absence of action.

But that’s not what relaxation is.

If that were the case, standing in line at the checkout or being stuck in traffic would be surprisingly energizing. I think it’s safe to say that for most, this is NOT true.

Relaxation is not the opposite of work.

It’s not something you can do once your chores done.

And it doesn’t require any time off.

Inner ease, peace and feeling relaxed is your true nature—it’s available to you 24/7 IF …

… it’s not veiled by resistance.

The resistance to this moment, as it is, is what causes tension and stress.

Stop resisting this moment, and relaxation is instantly revealed.

I understand your question:

What if I don’t like this moment?

What if I’m in pain, or need to do something I dislike, or I don’t want to feel what I feel, or …???

How can I NOT resist that?

If I don’t resist what I don’t want, I can never get what I DO want!

What if I accept this moment as it is, even when I don’t like it, and then nothing changes and I feel lousy forever?!

That won’t happen.

Firstly, because I’m not suggesting you should like whatever you feel in this moment.

I simply suggest you stop fighting it. If you don’t like this moment, acknowledge that you dislike it.

If you feel scared or sad, acknowledge that you feel scared or sad instead of trying to suppress or deny it.

Secondly, because your life’s situations, your feelings, your circumstances, your emotions and your thoughts ALWAYS change.

The only thing that never changes is your True Self, your True Nature.

What you truly are IS inner peace, IS relaxed, IS always at ease.

And the doorway to experience it is to be fully present to and in THIS moment.

To be fully present without fighting what IS.

Once you acknowledge this moment as it is, including everything you feel and think, tension leaves and relaxation is unveiled.

You can NEVER change THIS moment, anyway.

It’s already here.

It’s already what it is.

Cease fighting this moment, and experience how relaxation is always there, underneath your activities, deadlines and stress—and you’ll be able to feel relaxed no matter how busy you are or what you’re busy with.



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Because this program does NOT focus on business strategies, business building, or tools to grow your business.

This program is about making a shift.

A shift from acting from the limited self to acting from the vast, unlimited Self you truly are.

And when you live and act from your true nature instead of from the limited person you think you are, everything unfolds with ease for you—including everything in your business.

You experience more freedom and see how everything you need comes to you the moment you need it—whether it’s a new client, money, or an idea for a new workshop or offer.

 In this program, you will practice doing business from your True Self and taking effortless action. (And if you don’t have a business, everything you learn still applies!)

Practicing doesn’t take a lot of time—if anything, it saves you time because you’ll start ditching unnecessary and ineffective actions.

If you crave more freedom and ease, this program is just what you need!

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