Taking action, being (pro)active and DOING in general are HIGHLY overrated.

And being lazy has a negative connotation.

Especially when it comes to a business or career, we’re conditioned to believe that we need to WORK at and for it.

We believe that growing our business and fulfill goals and dreams needs some kind of action.

You can’t just sit around and expect to be handed whatever you need on a silver platter, can you?

Your next client or promotion doesn’t just ring your doorbell while you slouch on your couch, eating chips and watching Netflix, does it?

No, you need to DO things. Without taking steps you can’t get anywhere.

Without DOING things you can’t get anything done.

You can’t get something for nothing.

Sure, you need rest, but your work needs to be done first!

But especially when you have your own business, your work is never done. There’s always something you could or should do to grow and develop your business or yourself.

None of that can happen when you’re lazy!

So, you put pressure on yourself to do things.

You may be able to relax and do things just for fun during weekends or vacations, but taking a nap on a workday? Sleep in or watch a movie on a weekday?  Are you crazy!

And when you do sleep in or watch a movie, you feel guilty about wasting your time. You should stop procrastinating and DO something. Because your dreams and goals aren’t going to fulfill themselves!

Well, the truth is …

that they will unfold with much MORE ease and much LESS work when you allow yourself to be lazier.

To do less. Relax. Take it easier and perhaps even, gasp, do nothing from time to time.

Laziness isn’t about being dumb, slow, bad, or expecting to get something for nothing.

It’s not about lacking a good work ethic, wasting time or being unproductive—or whatever negative connotation you may have about laziness.

But none of that is what laziness is.

Laziness is the art of being without the burden of becoming.

It’s the art of allowing ideas and solutions to come to you.

It’s the art of being open for inspiration and letting life take its natural course without fighting or resisting what you can’t control.

It’s the art of letting life unfold for you and only taking those actions that come naturally and you take effortlessly.

It’s the art of BEING, period.

The truth is, that many of your actions are totally useless.

They’re taken from fear to miss out or not getting what you want or need.

They’re taken from the pressure productivity culture imprinted on you, leaving you with an inner voice pushing you into action.

If you didn’t take these actions, you wouldn’t miss out on anything.

On the contrary!

Business and life would feel much easier.

You’d notice that you TRULY don’t need to do as much as you think.

You’d be able to relax more. Get better ideas. Act without effort.

Yes, maybe the voice that tells you that you shouldn’t be so lazy and you should DO more would speak up from time to time.

That’s okay.

You don’t have to listen to that voice. Simply notice it is there and then ignore it.

Go easier on yourself.

Stop pushing so hard.

Lean back a little and allow yourself to be lazier.

You will soon find that BEING more leads to DOING less … and that you won’t lose ANYTHING besides a lot of pressure and stress.



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