It’s easy to work less in your business. (And in general!)


Because many actions are driven by your small, limited self. They don’t come from your inner knowing, but from fear or lack: if I don’t do THIS, I won’t be able to do THAT.

Or: if I don’t do THIS, THAT will go wrong.

Plus, a lot of actions are driven by a need to fill time and avoid feeling restless or bored. Or to avoid feeling what we don’t want to feel.

And so, you fill your time with actions and appointments.

But a lot of it is being busy for the sake of being busy. For the idea that you’re productive, which is something we’re conditioned to place enormous value on.

After all, if you don’t DO things, you can’t GET things. You can’t make enough money, you can’t get clients, and your business can’t grow if you don’t act. (Whether acting means to make cold calls or to work on your mindset or raising your vibration.)

But those are merely conditioned beliefs that have NOTHING to do with reality.

The reality is, that you’re not who you think you are. You’re not a separate individual who needs to work to get what you need. You’re an expression of Oneness, Pure Awareness, which lives and acts through you like it does through every planet, solar system, flower and human being.

Relax. Know who—or rather, WHAT—you are. Be present in this moment and flow along with life.

When you do, your inner knowing takes over and you act without effort. Unnecessary actions fall away. You realize you don’t have to think and plan so much and mental space opens, too.

And you realize that there’s really, truly, no need to push, struggle or strive.




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