A couple of weeks ago I had a thought that I’d create a new online program soonish.

I noticed the thought but didn’t do anything with it.

A while later, the title of the program came up out of nowhere. (Easy Breezy Business—build and grow your business effortlessly and stress-free.)

I took my laptop and started typing. In 15 minutes, the concept sales copy flowed out.

I closed my laptop and didn’t think about it anymore.

I knew the next steps would reveal themself the moment I was supposed to take them. (Which they did, and I took them.)

Your creative process may look different from my highly intuitive way.

We all have our own way of doing things. You don’t even have to know what your process looks like!

As long as you use that same super power that I consciously use, too:


Many see this as negative, frustrating and impassive, which is bad!

You need to be pro-active. Get out there, show your face and take action!

Clients and money don’t just show up out of thin air! (Actually, they do, just like everything else …)

The waiting I’m talking about is not the restless shuffling in line at the supermarket.

Or the anxious tapping of fingers on the table while you wait for life to unfold.

I’m talking about the state of being where you’re open and present to what wants to move through you THIS moment.

One moment, what moves through you is the impulse to make tea or read this blog.

Next you notice a nudge to call a friend, take a nap, or write sales copy.

And until you get that nudge or feel that impulse …


Just like I waited for the next step in developing my new online program.

Yesterday, I gave a private client this example:

You need to make a follow-up call to a prospective client. You decide to call on Monday.

On Monday, you feel like taking a nap, but you planned to make a call so that’s what you do.

Your prospective client is out. You try again Tuesday but they’re in a meeting. Wednesday they’re sick and Thursday you’re unavailable when they call you.

Friday morning you feel a nudge to call them. They instantly pick up and 5 minutes later the deal is done.

If only you’d WAITED for the nudge to make the call, you would have saved yourself a lot of time, energy and mental space.

And you could have taken that nap, too. 😉

EVERYTHING gets done at the right time when you’re present to what THIS moment asks for, and you flow along with that.

Your actions feel effortless and come to you naturally, without you having to figure anything out. Everything flows to you with ease.

That’s why waiting is your super power.

So, if you think you should do A, but your inner impulse tells you to do B, then do B, and WAIT for the inner nudge that tells you it’s time to do A. (If you need to do it at all …)

I know you’re afraid important things won’t get done or will fall through the cracks.

I can assure you they don’t.

Without effort or forcing myself everything always gets done, from baking bread to paying bills to writing sales pages.

This same effortlessness is available to you, if only you pay attention to what THIS moment asks of you—and then flow with it.

Everything else can wait …



P.S.: Easy Breezy Business – build and grow your business effortlessly and stress-free

is a 5-week online program that helps you access your natural state of ease, peace and flow.

Read all about the program here. 

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