⁣Sometimes an idea lives inside you that wants to come out. But … nothing happens. ⁣

I’ve experienced this many times. The most frustrating wait was the wait for my books. I KNEW had multiple books in me—but writing them was impossible for YEARS. ⁣

I tried everything to get those books out. I forced myself to sit my ass down and just write them. (Resulting in an unpleasant writing process and books that didn’t feel right. I’ve thrown out several (finished!) books over the years.)⁣

I hired coaches to help me coax out the books. I explored what held me back and worked on breaking through these blocks. I forced myself to write a certain number of words daily. I talked with my books and found ways to tap into my creativity and deepest drive. ⁣

I tried and did EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked.

I felt frustrated, impatient, restless, angry, sad, defeated, guilty, and ashamed about not being able to get the damn books out, even though they were SO close I could almost touch them!⁣

The books eventually came out, in their own time.⁣

Several ideas are alive in me now. An idea for a book—I can sense its shape on the horizon. I might create an online program. The idea is there, the concept sales page is ready, but who knows if this program will ever get launched?⁣***

I no longer ‘work’ on getting my ideas out into the world. ⁣

It’s unnecessary. A new book will be written, or not. An online program will be created, or not. ⁣

All I have to do is be present to this moment and move along with whatever IS in this moment.⁣

Right now, that’s writing this blog. That’s all I have to know. That’s all I have to do. Everything unfolds with ease. I only have to be present for it. ⁣

The same is true for you.⁣

Stop thinking about the things you should do or should have already done. ⁣

Haul your mind back from the past and out of the future and land in THIS moment.⁣

BE in this moment, move along with this moment, allow this moment to be what it is. ⁣

That’s all you ever have to do. ⁣

Everything flows and unfolds with ease once you stop trying to control what and how it happens.⁣




*** update: that program is Easy Breezy Business—build and grow your business effortlessly and stress-free

Read all about the program here. 

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