For many reasons, I was always interested in spirituality.

One of those, if I’m completely honest, was a desire to transcend my humanity.

You see, for a long time, I felt like an alien on earth. I didn’t understand why people lived the way they did. And people, especially groups, scared me. They could turn against or hurt you in a split second, without you seeing it coming.

Me and humans didn’t feel like the best match, and when I looked at the state of the world, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to part of humanity.

From these pains and fears, I developed a (mostly unconscious) desire to transcend my humanity. I somehow thought that would help me feel safe and at home on this planet.

Spirituality seemed like the ticket to get there. I hoped that would somehow help me leave the messy part of being human behind me, so I could live in the quiet, peace and freedom I yearned for.

I never transcended my humanity. But I never gave up the vague hope that one day I would.

Then, I made a shift in consciousness. I realized, not on an intellectual but on an experiential level, my true nature: that of Pure Awareness, Oneness.

That’s what we ALL are. Everything and everyone is and appears in the Oneness we are.

We’re not human beings. We’re Oneness itself.

You’d think this realization helped me transcend my humanity once and for all.

Haha! On the contrary.

Realizing my true nature of not-humanness, made me open to my humanity more than ever before.

I know. That sounds like a total paradox. But it’s not.

Even though we’re not human beings, the human experience is totally real. Once you see that all is One and you are It … what’s there to transcend? What’s there to resist? What’s there to solve?

Sure, resistance can still come up. All feelings and emotions can still pass by. BUT—I no longer resist any of it, including resistance. And this opened me up to experience SO MUCH MORE of my humanity.

I no longer desire to transcend my humanity.

On the contrary! I’m more in awe of the mystery of life and the human experience than ever before, and I’m super grateful for it.




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