I used to feel guilty often.

When I took it slow, I felt guilty for not being productive.

When I read a book, I felt guilty for not working on my business.

When it was 1 pm and I hadn’t done any work yet, I felt guilty for wasting my time.

I could have done more!

I should have spent my time wisely!

I could have been further along if only I’d done something different!

Most of my clients experience the same guilt.

It’s often hard for them to fully relax—especially on ‘work’ days. The pressure to achieve, finish, accomplish and succeed is almost always there.

No wonder.

The beliefs that tell us we need to be productive run DEEP.

Especially when you have your own business. There’s always something you work towards and your to-do list is never empty.

There are numerous tools, apps and techniques that can help you relax, but they never take away the root cause of all pressure and restlessness.

That root cause is our human conditioning.

The conditioning that tells you that you must take action to get results.

Whether the action is to physically do something or to make a shift in your energy, mindset, or thoughts so you attract the ‘right’ things, there’s always some kind of work involved.

If you want to realize a dream, you need to find a way to make it happen.

If you want to achieve a goal you must take steps to reach it.

If you want more, you need to do more, be more, and stretch out of your comfort zone.

No pain, no gain!

You’re always working on self-growth, self-development and self-improvement.

You’re always looking for the next thing that will make you happier.

Always searching. Always striving. Always reaching.

Often feeling like no matter what you do, it’s never quite good enough.

This pressure stops when your conditioning drops.

It drops when you realize what you TRULY are. You’re not a human being plotting a course through life, needing to work (in whatever way) for what you want and need.

You are Life itself.

You are Oneness doing, being, creating, and appearing as everythingand everyone.

Once you fully realize this, all that pressure to be productive and to try and steer, control, or at least influence what happens, falls away.

When Life lives you and you are Life … what’s there to worry about?

What’s there to even do?

Sure, actions happen, but they happen in the same way your blood pumps through your veins: it simply happens, without you planning it, thinking about it, or controlling it.

It just happens.

That’s how ALL your actions happen.

You THINK you’re the one creating, manifesting, making shit happen.

And yes, you are—but not you, the limited human being. You, LIFE, ONENESS, is the one creating and manifesting everything.

All you have to do is relax and watch Life do its thing.

What you need will come to you.

You’ll know what to do the moment you’re doing it.

You’ll know what to say when you open your mouth.

You’ll see that everything just happens, and you simply do whatever needs doing the moment it needs to be done.

Everything unfolds with ease without your meddling and interference.

You are Life living you, you are Oneness magically orchestrating EVERY THING.

Once you truly get this, you naturally lean back and relax (without feeling pressure or guilt).



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