Stop trying to get out of your discomfort, your emptiness, your loneliness.

Stop trying to fix your insecurities and flaws.

Stop trying to change how you feel and stop running away from this moment.

Allow whatever IS in this moment.

This moment is all there is, it’s all you have, it’s life.

There’s never anything else than THIS moment and what you feel right now.

When you resist what IS and how you feel, you miss out on the richness of presence. The richness of life.

Allow whatever IS.

Every feeling, every experience, comes and goes.

The less you resist it, the sooner it can leave you. The quicker it can pass through. The more you find that underneath every feeling and every experience is always ease. Peace. Quiet. Calm.

In this moment, take a deep breath.

Allow whatever you feel.

Allow whatever you think.

‘Good’ or ‘bad’, it will pass, and it will leave the stillness and peace that were always there already.



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