Until 2 years ago, here’s what I did this time of year:

I reflected on the previous year and looked forward to the new one. It was a ritual I liked doing AND … it was driven by 2 main assumptions:

#1 That there was something to ACHIEVE.

That I had to DO something to get what I want. The type of action I thought I had to do changed over the years: from practical things like setting goals and making plans to doing various kinds of healing, mindset- and energy work.

#2 That there was something to BECOME.

In general, the next best version of myself.

These assumptions, that there is something to get / achieve / strive for / or seek, and that there is something to become (more courageous or confident for example)—plus the belief that you must do some kind of work to make that happen—are general beliefs, held by most people.

These assumptions and beliefs dropped gradually for me.

I no longer believe that there is something I need I don’t yet have to become happier, freer or more fulfilled.

And I no longer believe that I need to be any different than I am.

I no longer work on myself. I no longer strive or aim for things. I have no plans or intentions. I have no mission or vision I work towards.

It’s not needed.

And no, that’s not boring.

On the contrary!

Without the seeking, striving and becoming, life unfolds effortlessly.

There’s an ever-expanding inner freedom and peace.

I live moment to moment, and watch life unfold with gratitude and joy (most of the time ;-)).

We don’t control life.

We’re already exactly who and where we’re supposed to be.

And if we’re supposed to be someone or somewhere different? This will unfold on its own accord, seemingly driven by your actions and choices.

But when you stop striving and seeking and just BE, you see that everything just happens, naturally, effortlessly, and all you have to do is watch the unfolding.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking and striving.

But, more importantly, there’s nothing wrong—and nothing goes wrong—when this falls away.

On the contrary, life only becomes sweeter, richer and easier.

You gain WAY more than you could ever imagine …




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