When you don’t know what to do or what (new) direction to take, find comfort in not knowing.

Your path will become clear at the exact right moment. It always does. Don’t worry about it.

Just enjoy the moments and watch how life unfolds for you.

The ONLY problem with not knowing what to do, is that it feels uncomfortable.

The mind gets antsy when it doesn’t know something.

This feeling of discomfort is NOT a sign to start seeking and (over)thinking.

It’s not a sign of anything at all.

It’s just what the mind does: measure, search, seek, judge, and trying to be in control.

Let it do its thing without getting carried away with it. Watch your thoughts without engaging with them. Notice your emotions without trying to fix or change them. Just BE with it all.

The answers you seek will come to you when you need them. (Or the questions drop away and no longer bother you.)

Everything comes to you at the exact right time.

The mind often has different ideas about the timing or how, when and if things come to you.

It’s just trying to control what it has NO control over.

BE with any discomfort without trying to fix it, and your true nature of deep peace will be revealed again.




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