I came across this tree (see picture) on yesterday’s walk. Saturday’s wind gusts uprooted it.

For some reason, it made me think of what J. Krishnamurti, a mystic, speaker and writer, once said. He asked his audience at one of his talks if they wanted to know his secret. Of course they did.

“My secret,” he said, “is that I don’t mind what happens.”

Most people DO mind.

They don’t want to experience this, that or the other. They don’t want to feel what they feel, they don’t want to be unhappy or bored, and they don’t want others to behave the way they do.

Most people mind a LOT of things.

But …

Whatever is, IS.

You can’t control it. It already IS.

And there’s no point worrying about what might happen or what already has happened.

Both future and past are only thoughts you have in THIS moment.

Resisting what is, was, or might be is futile.

It robs you of seeing, REALLY seeing, the magic of this present moment.

It clouds your true nature of causeless joy and unshakable peace.

Not minding what happens and accepting what IS, saves you from a lot of struggling and suffering.

You can’t control (your) life. Whatever happens, happens. Sometimes, your life gets uprooted. If it does, you can resist it—which creates more misery on top of whatever you experience.

Or … you can accept it. Not mind it. That doesn’t mean you like it. It only means that you acknowledge what IS.

If you want to unveil your inner peace, don’t mind what happens.

Even when it feels like your life is uprooted.




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