I took these pictures Saturday morning, on the way to my father’s funeral.

He’d been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago and had been gradually fading away ever since.

In March 2022, he could no longer live at home with my mother. He moved into a beautiful, loving nursing home where the most amazing angels took fantastic care of him.

His decline continued, but he was still physically strong, until he got sick two weeks ago and was gone within a week.

We were with him when he took his last breath. It was peaceful and serene.

On Saturday we said our final goodbyes, and it was beautiful, warm, loving, and light. My uncle shared anecdotes from my dad’s childhood, I shared stories about the dad I knew as a kid, and my brother talked about dad’s illness and final years.

My dad would have liked it. He’d have been the one who’d laughed loudest about the anecdotes (and he would have told a couple more that might not have been completely appropriate for a funeral ;-)).

I’m not sad. I didn’t lose my dad last week. I lost him to Alzheimer’s long before. I already mourned his loss and am happy that he’s no longer fading away, bit by bit, which was very hard for my mother to witness. We’re all relieved that his journey ended this peacefully (and quick).

Bye dad. Thank you for everything.




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