When you go with the flow, life feels easy, effortless, and everything falls into place like magic.

No wonder people are always looking for ways to find this state of being.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi even wrote an entire book about (and entitled) flow.

Here’s part of the summary of its content:

During flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with life. … Csikszentmihalyi (the leading researcher into flow states Newsweek) demonstrates the ways this positive state can be controlled, not just left to chance.”

This description tells us a couple of things:

#1 That flow is a state of being that we can reach or step into;

#2 That there are tools and methods to bring ourselves into this state, and

#3 That it’s possible to control this positive state instead of leaving it to chance.

This makes it seem like flow is something that’s separate from you, something outside you that you need to find.

This is a complicated and incorrect way of looking at it.

There is NOTHING outside of you. That is, outside of what you REALLY are:

Oneness, appearing as separateness.

There is NOTHING outside of your true nature, for there is NOTHING outside of Oneness.

Everything is ONE.

You are not living life.

Life is living YOU.

You are already in flow because it’s impossible to be outside it.

There’s only Oneness after all …

Whatever is, is flow.

This moment right here, right now, is flow.

It may not always feel like flow.

That’s either because you’re in your head and not present in this moment, or you are resisting what IS.

There’s no need to ‘work’ at reaching a desired state of being.

Can you do things that make you feel better?


Do the methods Csikszentmihalyi shares work?


But life can be so much easier if only you let it.


💫 By getting, literally, out of your mind.

💫 By dropping your conditioning and being present to whatever is.

💫 By releasing the ideas that you need to (or even can) get shit done and make things happen.

💫 By being present to whatever IS and watching life’s unfolding without any attachment.

If you’re not sure how to do this, I can help. 

Remember, you’re not living life … life lives YOU.

And whatever is, is flow.




P.S.: On a personal note, something completely different:

My dad passed away almost two weeks ago.

I wrote a short update about this, and you can read it on Facebook here, or on Instagram here.

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