Sometimes your life situation sucks, you feel bad, or you struggle with something.  

But there’s ONE habit that makes this even harder.

This habit casts a cloud over your feelings, restricts your happiness, creates tension and unease:

Arguing with what’s happening.

Resisting what’s already so.

Fighting your current thoughts, situation and feelings.

Most people do that often—without being aware of it.

I often used to wish things were different. I used to wish writing my second book was easier and I was further along in my business, for example. 

I regularly wanted to feel, think, or experience something different throughout the day (like wishing it didn’t rain during my walk, the train wasn’t delayed, or I hadn’t eaten that whole bag of chips.)

I resisted the way things were in that moment.

That’s A) completely useless, B) sucks your energy, C) creates tension and D) stifles your joy.

You live in your head and miss the beauty of the moment (the beauty of LIFE!) because you think this moment should be different than it is.

Sure, it’s no fun to feel overwhelmed. But wishing you’d feel different adds another layer of stress.

Experiencing something you desperately want to change is no picknick either.

But in THIS moment, everything is what it is.

In this moment, you feel what you feel, think what you think, and your situation is what it is.

None of it is permanent.

Everything is possible, anything can happen in each moment, and even if your situation stays the same, you can feel different about it later.

But in THIS moment … everything IS what it IS.

Stop fighting it.

Stop wishing something or someone was different.

It is what it is—for now.

Instead of resisting how you feel and the way things are, welcome it.

Welcome all thoughts, feelings, and situations.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to like them.

It doesn’t mean nothing will change.

And it doesn’t mean you give up hope.

It only means that you acknowledge that in this moment, everything is the way it is.

Accept your thoughts, feelings, situations, and others’ actions—whether you like them or not.

Accept your dislikes and your habit to resist them.

Embrace your desire for change without fighting the present.

You’ll feel less tense instantly.

The more you accept the way things are, the better you feel, the quicker things can change and the easier life unfolds.

Changing this one habit makes a BIG difference.

Try it!




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