In September, Arjen and I spent a wonderful month on the boat.

(The picture above this blog is of one of the stunning sunrises we saw.)

During our first week, I told him, “I’ve never been more relaxed EVER before in my entire LIFE.”

It wasn’t about the water, the beautiful weather, or the vacation. 

My whole life feels like a vacation. I don’t label my time as ‘work’ or ‘time off’. I’ve stopped doing that for years, but I’ve never felt this relaxed.

So, what’s changed?

I did.

I made significant inner shifts in the past year.

Although I didn’t make anything happen. Quite the opposite!

I shifted into higher consciousness, revealing more and more inner peace, brimming with life. (This is YOUR natural state of being, too!)

Fears, doubts, worries, and belief systems melted away without effort.

Just leave the mind alone and watch your thoughts and feelings without trying to change or resist anything.

That’s ALL you have to do to drop the conditioning and reveal the freedom, ease and inner peace that you already are.

Your mind might find this too simple or unsafe. It might fear leaving thoughts alone and not trying to fix perceived problems:

Won’t that lead to more drama?

Won’t everything fall apart when you stop trying to figure things out, make good decisions, and take appropriate action to accomplish what needs to be done?


The opposite is true.

The more you try to make things happen, the more you’re blocking life’s effortless flow.

If you’re looking for more relaxation, it’s this:

Stop looking for ways to relax.

Stop working on or trying to improve yourself.

Stop getting caught up in the mind and look AT it instead of live FROM it.

Once you do, you realize that everything you look for is already here. It’s already who you are.

It’s not your life’s situation or achievements that make you feel relaxed, at peace and free.

It’s recognizing your True Nature, seeing that you ARE life, that YOU are the energy that takes care of YOU, that nothing exists outside of All There Is, and you are THAT.

Your mind can never grasp this, so don’t even try.

Keep it simple because it IS simple:

Stop living from the mind and start looking at it.

What observes thoughts come and go?

What remains after feelings pass?

What’s always within you, witnessing sunsets and storms?

What knows you exist, that you’re alive, that you ARE?

Rest in that.

You ARE that. You are Awareness, unchanging and peaceful regardless of life’s ebb and flow.

If you seek true freedom, relaxation, joy, happiness, and flow, stop looking externally.

Look within.

Realize that inner peace is already there, no matter what goes on in your life.

Relaxation is not a destination. It’s a state of being.



P.S.: Want to shift into higher consciousness and the relaxation, peace, freedom and flow that are already yours?

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