Many of us struggle with recurring issues or questions.

Some keep attracting the wrong partner.

Others have imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, self-doubts, or a lack of self-confidence.

Some regularly struggle financially.

Others feel overwhelmed, overworked, and short on time for themselves.

Most people experience persistent issues, irrespective of their efforts.

In my case, two predominant issues often showed up: safety (feeling secure in the world and around others) and money (I worried about it regularly).

These themes may differ for you, but you probably have at least one issue, question, feeling or situation that regularly surfaces. It might relate to money, love, health, your weight, self-confidence, relationships or success—whatever it is, I bet there’s something you dealt with more than once.

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s challenging (if not impossible) to get rid of this issue. Just when you think you’ve tackled it, it shows up again.  

Why do some issues resurface?

Why is it hard to solve them?

Can you ever get rid of them?

The reason some issues come back, is your conditioning— your reservoir of beliefs, stories, memories, and experiences. It contains your ideas about yourself, others, life, and the world. It also stores your fears, doubts, past pains, and acquired knowledge.

Your outer world reflects your inner world. If your conditioning remains the same, your outer world and outcomes stay the same, too.

However, the solution is NOT to work on your mindset or beliefs.

You don’t have to explore where an issue comes from.

Knowing the source of a belief isn’t necessary.

You don’t have to understand when or how a destructive pattern or habit was formed.

There’s no need to heal your inner child or raise your vibration.

Transcending your fears or mastering the Law of Attraction isn’t needed.

You don’t have to learn to receive more or expand your self-love.

No action is required AT ALL.


Changing your mindset makes a difference. The Law of Attraction can bring amazing results. Raising your vibration can improve your success and working on your fears can increase your happiness.

But NONE of it brings you lasting happiness.

Recurrent issues may resurface, new ones arise. You’re caught in an unending cycle of fixing and resolving, growing and learning, fluctuating between emotional states.


Because trying to transcend conditioning while remaining within its bounds is futile.

That’s impossible.

To dissolve your conditioning, disengage from your thoughts. Stop trying to fix or solve anything.

Instead, just BE with whatever IS. Welcome ALL feelings and thoughts. Don’t act on them.

Just observe.

Whatever hinders you or isn’t aligned with your true nature will naturally fade away.

This inner transformation transforms your outer world, too. Issues dissolve or solutions appear effortlessly.

Not trying to solve your problems contradicts everything you’ve learned. It may seem like you stick your head in the sand.

You’re not. You simply stop feeding the mind.

As a result, you stop living from your mind’s conditioning, and start living from your true nature. Issues will drop away one by one, revealing the happiness and peace you already are.



P.S.: Not sure how to stop living from the mind and its limitations and live from the boundless freedom of your True Self instead?

I can show you how.

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