Imagine standing at a crossroads, wrestling with a decision that feels big and important. The pressure mounts, and you feel stuck, paralyzed even, by the fear of making the wrong choice.

We’ve all been there, struggling with uncertainty. Decision making can feel quite complex. What’s the right thing to do? What if you make the wrong decision and the consequences are insufferable? You feel uncomfortable and vulnerable and want to get rid of that by making the best choice possible.

So, you brainstorm, talk it over with a friend or coach, think about upsides and downsides, long term and short-term consequences, and possibilities.

You imagine how it feels to choose A and how it feels to choose B. You think things through and wonder if your intuition or fear speaks.

But you don’t have to think anything through.

You don’t have to make lists or weigh options.

You never have to search for the right answer.

You don’t even have to make ANY decisions.

You only have to let clarity come to you.

Your mind can’t know what’s truly best for you. The mind is limited and filled with ideas, emotions and fears that cloud clarity.

Your True Self KNOWS.

When you don’t know what to do or what to choose, this only means that, in this moment, you don’t have to know or do ANYTHING.

Yes, this may feel scary and uncomfortable.

Just BE with that. Look at it without getting involved in any of these thoughts and feelings. Let it be. It will pass.

ALL thoughts, feelings and experiences come and go. Your True Self, Pure Awareness, sees all these comings and goings without being disturbed by them. Just like you, the person, doesn’t feel disturbed when you watch clouds go by. (Unless you attach some meaning or importance to these clouds.)

When you watch your discomfort without getting sucked into it, the right decision or action WILL come up at the exact right time.

You don’t have to do ANYTHING—besides being open and available for clarity to arise naturally. It always does.

You don’t have to plan your bowel movements. They just happen. You don’t have to decide at what times you’ll take a pee next Wednesday. You will know it when you need to go.

All these bodily functions happen naturally, driven by an intelligence that operates FOR you and THROUGH you without you having to do ANYTHING for them.

Decisions come to you in the EXACT SAME WAY. They just arise at the perfect time. The same intelligence that beats your heart contains the clarity you seek. It will be clear when you need it. Not a moment sooner, not a heartbeat later.

Whether you’re not sure what color to pick for your logo, if it’s time to leave your partner or start a business, stop thinking about it. Let clarity arise in its own timing. Your mind is incredibly limited and is incapable of choosing the absolute best.

There’s no rush (your True Self, Pure Awareness, is timeless anyway).

You’ll know what you need to know when it’s time to know it.

Just BE with the need to know, the urge to fix and control, the discomfort and even the fear. Look at it without touching it. Don’t get involved.

The less you get involved in your emotions and thoughts, the more effortless and joyful your life will unfold.



P.S.: Not sure how to stop living from the mind and its limitations and live from the boundless freedom of your True Self instead?

I can show you how.

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