Most people think freedom requires certain conditions to be met.

I used to believe this, too, yearning for complete inner freedom since the day I was born. 😉

However, until I was 30 I felt trapped in a life that didn’t resonate with me. Every job I had drained the life out of me, leaving me longing for work (and a life!) that felt meaningful and fulfilling.

It became clear that I couldn’t wait for freedom to fall from the sky—I had to create it myself.

So, I embarked on a transformational journey.

Here are some steps I took to manifest more freedom. You may recognize some of them:

#1 Identifying the work and lifestyle that would bring me meaning, fulfillment and joy, and actively pursuing it.

#2 Starting my business and aligning my life and work with my passions and joy.

#3 Finding ways to streamline my business and generate passive income.

#4 Constantly challenging and overcoming fears, doubts and self-imposed limitations.

#5 Shifting my mindset and beliefs, reframing negative stories, cultivating a growth-mindset.

Each step brought me tremendous freedom, enabling me to create the business and life of my dreams. I finally lived like my childhood heroine, Pippi Longstocking. 😉

I did what I wanted, whenever I wanted, and money followed as a result of doing what I loved. (You can read a more detailed account of this journey in my book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur’)

But despite experiencing more freedom than I ever thought possible, I still didn’t feel completely free.

I still experienced stress, doubts and fears with (almost) every new level or step I took.

I knew more freedom was available, independent of my outer circumstances. I just couldn’t grasp it.

Until I made a shift into higher consciousness, and realized three crucial truths:

One, freedom is your true nature. It’s not something to attain, but something to recognize.

Two, the ONLY obstacle to freedom is the mind and its contents—your conditioning, beliefs, ideas, stories, memories, etc.

Three, you don’t have to actively release this conditioning.

That’s what I used to believe, which is why I used to spend so much time working on my mindset and beliefs.

But the belief that freedom is something to work towards or you can only experience when certain conditions are met, is part of the conditioning that blocks you from the freedom you seek.

To find true freedom, you may think there are various things you need to do or change.

You might believe that freedom will come when you retire, when the kids leave home, when your mortgage is paid off, when you strike the perfect work-life balance, when you adopt minimalism, lose weight, fulfill a specific dream, set boundaries, save X amount of money,  conquer fears and doubts, eliminate certain habits (or people),  or finally love and accept yourself.

But here’s the truth: freedom is not dependent on any external circumstance.

Cease striving for freedom. Recognize that freedom is your True Nature.

Leave the mind and its content alone. Don’t work with your mindset in any way. Yes, working on your mindset can increase your freedom, but it will also keep you trapped within the mind’s limitations.

If you look for true and lasting freedom, all you have to do is shift into higher consciousness and realize that you already ARE what you seek.



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