No matter what challenges you face or what you believe causes your unhappiness, the root of ALL your problems is always the same:

You live in and from the mind.

(Even if you think this doesn’t apply to you because you’re spiritual and strongly connected to your intuition and soul, you still operate from the mind—just at a different level of consciousness within the limits of your mind.)

Your attention is fixated on your thoughts, feelings, circumstances, relationships, surroundings, actions, and your experiences. This content of life is what you’ve been taught life IS.

Your level of (un)happiness fluctuates always, based on experiences you label as positive or negative. Positive situations or experiences make you feel better, negative ones make you feel worse. And you constantly strive to add more positive elements to your life while eliminating negative ones.

This consumes your focus and attention.

But you rarely, if ever, consider the SOURCE of these feelings and experiences, the source of life, the source of YOU.

You’ve already experienced this Source, your true nature. You call it happiness, freedom, joy, or inner peace. But you don’t know that it’s what you ARE. You think happiness is something you work for, create, or stumble upon, and it ultimately depends on external circumstances like your relationships, finances, or health.

This perception couldn’t be further from the truth.

As long as you continue to live in and from the mind, you can do things to feel happier and better, but new problems will always arise. You’ll persistently work on personal growth, pursue happiness, and solve problems, experiencing fluctuating moods and continuous challenges.

The ONLY way to break free from this cycle is to shift away from living within your mind. Stop focusing on the content of your life (your thoughts, feelings, actions, circumstances, experiences, etc.) and become curious about the source of your life’s experiences. The source of YOU.

When you realize that you’re the Awareness that observes your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, your life undergoes a radical transformation. You become aware of the content of your life without being consumed by it.

You recognize that true happiness, freedom, and inner peace have nothing to do with your external circumstances. They are your true nature, your essence.

Even when faced with something you used to see as a problem or something bad, you experience it without being overwhelmed. It passes through your awareness without affecting your innate sense of peace and happiness. You perceive ALL experiences from a place of deep, unshakable contentment and joy.

Your ONLY problem is living from and in your mind. To solve it, you need to shift to a completely different level of consciousness—that of your True Self, the Pure Awareness that you are.

Instead of constantly focusing on your thoughts, emotions, and circumstances, redirect your attention to the SOURCE of these experiences, to the One who is aware of them.

This is the easiest and most radical shift you can make in your life.

It’s easy because you already ARE Pure Awareness. There’s nothing to strive for or work towards.

It’s radical because it goes against EVERYTHING you learned about life, others, and yourself.

If you seek true and lasting happiness, peace, freedom and joy, this shift in consciousness is the only change you truly need.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey, I can show you how.



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