This morning I poured myself a cup of tea. As usual, I spilled some on the table.

No matter how hard I try to avoid spiling tea, I always end up with puddles around my mug.

But when I poured myself a second cup, something remarkable happened—nothing spilled!

How did that happen?!

The difference was that I ceased actively pouring.

I didn’t try to control where the tea landed. I didn’t do my best. I didn’t focus on getting the tea IN the cup instead of next to it. I didn’t try to steer the teapot. I didn’t attempt to actively pour the tea.

Instead, I tilted the pot just enough to allow the tea to flow naturally, letting gravity take its course. Once the cup was full, I put the pot down.

I stopped actively trying to steer, concentrate and control.

I simply let it flow.


Life works the same way.

When you try to steer and control where it takes you, you struggle.

Sure, you get some of what you want—just like some tea always landed in my cup.

But you always have to focus, work, plan and be active. And you consequently obstruct the natural flow of life.

You ARE life.

You’re not living life; life is living YOU.


Allow it to flow.

This doesn’t mean that you passively await what life brings you (and you hope it will be good).

On the contrary!

When you step away from constant doing, trying, steering, and controlling, when you get out of life’s way and let it flow, life transforms into a magical and effortless adventure.

You always get what you need at precisely the right time. Life becomes infinitely more beautiful than you ever envisioned.

Of course, you still take action, but it feels effortless. You still get results, but you’re no longer attached to them. You realize you don’t need anything to feel good, that your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone or anything.

You realize that you are Life, that All is One, and there’s no need for you to plan, control, or set things in motion.

Life lives YOU, and it brings you all the freedom, ease, happiness and flow you yearn for—and then some.

Stop actively pouring your tea and you no longer spill it.

Stop actively steering and controlling your life and you no longer struggle.

Know that you are Life itself, expressing itself as you.

Let life flow. It will bring you everything you seek.



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