There’s one thing people do that makes them suffer—or at least unhappier—daily:

They resist what IS.

You may think you don’t do this. Keep reading, because most likely, you are.

I used to do this, too. (Still do at times!) 

I resisted how I felt, for example. When I felt bad, I didn’t want to feel that, tried to fix or ignore it, or I wished I felt better.

I often wanted my results to be different than they were.

I wanted to change things I wasn’t happy about and strived for things I didn’t have or experience yet.

Every time you think something (or someone, including yourself!) should be different than it is, you’re resisting:

you resist your feelings, your fears, a situation, person or experience, something you see in the world, or something someone did or said.

You resist life as it is in this moment.  

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something different. As long as you don’t resist the way things are right now.

In this moment, life is what it is.

In this moment, you feel and look a certain way.

In this moment, you have X Euros or dollars in your bank account and the weather is what it is.

What happened in the past has already happened and you can’t change it. You can wish things had been different, but they weren’t.

What you fear might happen in the future may or may not happen. Right now, you can’t know that. The future isn’t here yet. (In fact, the future doesn’t exist. It’s always and only NOW.)

The more you resist what already IS, the harder you struggle.

The more you accept things as they currently are, the better you feel. And you open space for change to occur.

Resisting leads to struggle. 

Acceptance leads to relaxation, opening, flow and space.

Accepting what you feel and experience does NOT mean you have to like it.

Accepting what IS simply means that you acknowledge the way things are RIGHT NOW.

You stop fighting your feelings and emotions.

You stop fighting your current experience.

You stop fighting your thoughts, your pains, your fears and your doubts.

You stop fighting life.

Fighting and resisting are movements of the mind.

But you are not the mind.

You’re pure Awareness.

Awareness doesn’t resist anything.

Awareness is ALL that is, so there’s nothing to fight, fix, resist or transcend—ever. 

Awareness welcomes and accepts everything.

There’s always and only that what IS in this moment.

Just BE fully present to whatever goes on around and inside you in each moment.

You don’t have to like it.

But what you don’t like can only leave you once you accept that it’s here now. 

“When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time.”

Byron Katie



P.S.: You only struggle, worry and experience stress when you live life from the identification with your mind.

Once you drop the mind’s conditioning and shift into a higher consciousness, life unfolds for you effortlessly—without struggles or stress. 

I can help you make this shift. 

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