It doesn’t matter what your issue is.

It doesn’t matter if you struggle with weight, money, relationships or growing your business.

It doesn’t matter if you lack confidence, fear more visibility, don’t know how to reach a goal or wonder how to find a solution for something.

EVERYTHING you experience as a problem has ONE and the same cause:

Your mind.

EVERY struggle or issue you have, exists in ONE place only:

Your mind.

EVERYTHING in your life that doesn’t seem to work out no matter what you do, is created by the same source:

Your mind.

The solution for ALL your issues, fears, doubts, struggles, or problems is the same, too:

To drop the mind. To move beyond it. Transcend it. Stop identifying with it.

That’s completely contrary to how you learned to live.

You learned to live from and identify with the mind. This keeps you stuck without even knowing that you’re stuck.

You think this is just life:

There’s something you want, and you try to find ways to get it or hold on to it.

There’s something you don’t want, and you try to get rid of it. (Or ignore it. Or suppress it. Or change it.)

One moment you’re happy, the next you’re sad.

One moment things seem easy and you’re struggling the next.

You get something you want and are happy with it for a while, and then a new desire comes up.

You solved one problem, and the next issue, next question, or next area of growth comes up.

There is ALWAYS something you want. There is ALWAYS something you don’t want.

And you ALWAYS try to find your way around and through this with your mind.

You analyze and strategize. You think through and reflect. You dream, fantasize, and imagine.

You motivate and push yourself. You set intentions and find inspiration.

You try to find more things that make you happy and eliminate what makes you unhappy.

But no matter what you do or how hard you try, your happiness never lasts (and you don’t believe that’s even possible.)

Sometimes you think you found the thing that will make you happy forever, but after a while there’s always something new you want, something else you miss.

And there you go again, trying to get something you want or fix something you don’t want.  

ALL this turmoil, these issues, this unhappiness, these struggles, striving, suffering and problems, are created and only exist in ONE place:

The mind.

And the solution to ALL these issues and to finally find what you’re looking for is to transcend the mind.

To drop it, stop identifying with and living from it.

To shift into the higher consciousness of your TRUE self, Pure Awareness, and know, deeply KNOW, that that’s what you are.

When you do, your problems and issues melt away.

Your life becomes an effortless flow, more magical and beautiful than you can imagine.

Yes, life-stuff still happens. You can still get sick or get a divorce or lose money. But you won’t experience it as a problem. No matter what happens, you know that all is well and you’re always okay.

Your happiness and inner peace no longer depend on your circumstances, others, or what you do or don’t have.

You no longer swing from one mood or state of mind to the next. You no longer ride the roller-coaster of emotions and your mind no longer drives you crazy.

Your ONLY problem is your mind.

And the ONLY thing you have to do to find the freedom, happiness, fulfillment, peace, flow or whatever it is you deeply long for, is to move beyond the mind and into the higher consciousness of your TRUE self, Pure Awareness.

This is your home.

Making this shift is possible for everyone because Pure Awareness is who you ARE.

Are you ready to come home to your TRUE self?

If so, I can help you make this shift and finally find whatever it is you’ve been looking for.



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