You don’t need stress-management techniques to always feel relaxed.

They’re helpful as short-term fixes but don’t bring you ongoing relaxation.

You don’t have to make changes to your schedule or circumstances.

Everyone I know, including me, has experienced stress or discomfort on vacation or days off.

Having free time doesn’t mean you feel free.

The ONLY thing you need to always feel relaxed, is to make a shift in consciousness.

To stop living from the mind and start living from the state of awareness.

When you live from the mind, you’re caught up in thoughts and stories.

You experience stress, fears, and doubts. You’re always searching for ways to feel better, reach your goals, and improve your results (and yourself).

This does NOT leave you feeling at peace and relaxed.

When you live from a state of awareness, you’ve entered a different way of seeing and being.

You realize you’re not the limited, separate person you think you are, but an expression of Life.

You experience an expanding sense of inner quiet, peace, and relaxation.

You realize relaxation is your true nature, and you find more and more how life simply unfolds and brings you everything you need.

This leaves you feeling relaxed and at home in yourself no matter what.

Your mind is clear, and doubts and fears no longer take you on an endless spin, either paralyzing you or forcing you into overworking and overthinking.

Making this shift is simple. All it takes is to be present and aware.

It just doesn’t always feel easy.

It takes practice to witness your thoughts instead of engaging with them.

And when shit hits the fan (like an issue with money, a relationship or your health), you often revert straight back to living from the mind.

That’s why it’s important to practice.

To not only know how to make this shift (I just told you 4 sentences ago), but to also practice regularly, in different situations, in different ways.

And to have someone close by who can answer your questions and cheer you on.

That’s why I created RELAX—a 21-day journey to less stress & more calm.

You’ll learn all you need to know to make this shift to living in a state of awareness.

RELAX is short & sweet and helps you practice for 21 days through daily tips, practices, exercises or guided meditations.

You can ask me your questions and share your experiences on the online forum.

As a result of practicing for 21 days, you feel more relaxed and at peace.

You experience greater clarity and focus and feel happier overall.

And the best part?

This inner freedom, ease and peace keeps expanding as you continue to practice what you learned in RELAX after the program has ended.

(Once you get the hang of living in a state of awareness, it won’t even cost you any time—it will be your default state!)

We start this Friday, June 7, and you can join for only 97 Euros.

Ready to transform your life and feel relaxed no matter what? 



P.S.: Remember, the path to continuous relaxation and inner peace doesn’t have to be complicated. 

(In fact, it’s quite simple.)

RELAX is your 21-day guide to a calmer, relaxed you.

We start this Friday, June 7.

Click here to start your 21-day journey to lasting relaxation.

No gimmicks, just real practice for real life.

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