You might think your stress comes from juggling finances, relationship issues, a lack of clients, or dealing with life’s curveballs.

But the true cause lies deeper:

It’s that you live from the mind.

You get caught up in your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself. Identifying with your thinking mind often leads to feelings of lack, stress, anxiety and separation.

You constantly seek to obtain what you want and eliminate what you don’t want.

This effort to manage and control yourself and life’s situations generates allfeelings of overwhelm, worry, stress, and fear.

The solution lies in shifting to a different state of consciousness.

This means shifting from living in your mind to living from the awareness of your true nature.

Connecting with a deeper sense of self, beyond the thinking mind, brings peace, clarity, and relaxation.

You realize and experience that relaxation IS your true nature.

When you live from the state of awareness, uncomfortable feelings can still arise—but the effect on you will be COMPLETELY different.

This morning, for example, the idea for this blog came up.

I started writing when suddenly old, familiar thoughts arose:

😟Didn’t you just email an article to your subscribers? You shouldn’t send too many emails!

😟Oh, and not too few, either. Your new program starts at the end of the week, and you want people to know about it, right?

😟And make sure the article is uplifting, inspiring, and easy to understand! If people don’t know what you talk about, they won’t get any value from it. Plus, they won’t sign up for your program. So make sure the article is great!

Years ago, these thoughts would cause pressure.

That pressure would often build and either lead to overwhelm and paralysis(not writing the article and no longer marketing the new program at all).

Or I would force myself to act more and market the new program as if my life depended on it.

For a while, I tried to manage and shift these thoughts and beliefs, which got me some results.

I learned to relax more and stress less.

But fears and stress would still cause massive discomfort and pressure. This still led to either paralysis or forced action, wiping out all feelings of relaxation and joy.

And I was still always looking for ways, tools, and techniques to fix, manage, heal, solve, or control my thoughts, (re)actions, and life’s situations.

Now, something different happens.

Yes, negative thoughts or discomfort can still arise, but they no longer bother me.

I remain relaxed and calm as the inner storm passes by. Unease and fears pass more quickly, appear less frequently, and I feel increasingly relaxed and free, no matter what happens.

This ongoing expansion of relaxation and peace, regardless of your situation or how busy you are, is available for you, too.

All it takes is a shift in consciousness—from endless mental chatter to a state of awareness, your natural state of relaxation and calm.

Do you sometimes experience worries, doubts, overwhelm, and stress?

Do you want to feel calm and at peace no matter what?

Would you love to feel relaxed no matter how busy you are or what’s going on around you?

My brand-new program RELAX—a 21-day journey to less stress & more calm is for you!

You’ll learn how to make this shift in consciousness and discover how to always feel at peace, no matter what.

🌟 Receive tips and meditations for instant relaxation.

🌟 Practice techniques that keep you in this state of awareness even after the program ends.

🌟 Experience ever-expanding freedom, ease, relaxation, and flow.

Imagine a life where stress no longer controls you, where you wake up each day feeling grounded and at peace.

This isn’t just a dream—it’s your new reality with RELAX.

We start this Friday, and you can join for only 97 Euros.

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P.S.: I’m excited for you to experience the peace and calm that RELAX can bring.

Join this 21-day journey for only 97 Euros and transform your relationship with overwhelm and stress.

We start this Friday, and I’d love to see and support you there!

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