This morning, I was reading a detective by Malin Persson Giolito.

(Sidenote: I highly recommend her books if you enjoy good quality Scandinavian thrillers!) 

One moment I was reading how the murder suspect was interviewed by the police, and the next I put down my book and got my notebook. 

Suddenly, inspiration came through for tomorrow’s session of my program Easy Breezy Business. 

I wrote down some bullet points, and in a matter of minutes the preparation for that session was done. 

The exact content will come through tomorrow, in the moment, while I deliver the session. 

I never plan my days.

I don’t know what will happen or what will come through when. There is no point in planning to write a blog on Wednesday or to prepare the content for an online course on a Thursday.


Because the limited mind can’t possibly know what truly needs to be done, or when it’s the best time to do anything. 

It’s not necessary to figure anything out.

Just be present in each moment and follow what each moment brings you. That way, everything gets effortlessly done, and business and life unfold with ease. 

What would you do NOW if you were present to what this moment asks for?

Do it, baby. 😉 



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