One of the things that make business (and life!) easy and effortless, is to follow the inspiration that comes up naturally.

That’s how a great bonus for my new program was recently effortlessly created.

Last Thursday, I had a session with a private client. She started our session by saying that she wanted to leave our call with more energy.

What immediately came to me, was to start with a meditation.

So that’s what we did. 

The first thing my client said after the meditation, was this:

“You should give this meditation as a bonus for your program Easy Breezy Business. It’s so powerful and helpful.”

At the end of our session, she reminded me again to share the meditation with the participants of the program.

And that’s how the bonus meditation ‘Relax & Recharge’ was effortlessly created 😉

In each moment, you KNOW what to do.

The only reason you don’t recognize this guidance, is that your mind messes with you.

Your fears, insecurities and conditioned beliefs often overshadow your inspiration.

And instead of taking effortless action, you find yourself struggling and pushing through joyless (and often fruitless) actions.

Take a moment to be quiet and notice what comes up when you read this question:

Is there something you know is right for you?

Whether it’s to clean your attic, book a vacation, take a nap or follow up with a prospective client: just do it.

Don’t think yourself out it. Simply notice your thoughts, feelings and/or fears without engaging with them.

The more you follow what each moment guides you to, the more effortless life and business unfold for you.

And if you wished every aspect of your business could be fun and easy, join me in Easy Breezy Business—build and grow your business effortlessly and stress-free.

We start on March 11, and you get instant access to the bonus meditation ‘Relax & Recharge’ when you sign up.

Shift into a different way of being and living, learn to take effortless action, and watch your business and life transform in the best ways!

What does your inner guidance tell you now?



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