‘Easy’ and ‘hassle-free’ aren’t usually words people use when asked to describe their business.

Sometimes people love the content of their business (the product or service they sell), but they’re not that fond of doing the businessy stuff:

marketing, being visible, keeping your administration and paying taxes, and all the other tasks that come with running a business.

Not to mention worries about getting (enough) clients, stress around money, being too busy, overwhelm, disappointment about your results, always thinking about your business and not having enough time for yourself.

To name just a few things that can take the joy out of your business. 😉

But what is it exactly that makes business feel difficult, overwhelming or not much fun?

It’s not the marketing.

It’s not the visibility.

It’s not the sales, the keeping your website up-to-date, and it’s not the busy (or too empty) schedule.

It’s what you believe you should do.

It’s what you want but don’t get. 

What you strive for but don’t achieve.

What you try to control that slips through your fingers.

It’s the pressure, pushing and perseverance that are necessary when you do business from your limited self instead of your infinite True Self.

You think you’re a separate person making your way in the world. You think you need to do things to get things.

You think you’re responsible for your results and you’re attached to what you want to happen (or how or when it happens).

When you live from these and other conditioned beliefs that are part of your limited self, struggle and striving are automatically included.

Business won’t feel effortless and easy, and you don’t feel completely free and relaxed.

The way to make any business easy and hassle-free is to shift into a different way of being, living and acting.

To stop acting from your limited perspective of who you think you are, and to start acting from your True Self, the Pure Awareness everyone is—including you.

When you live and act from your True Self, everything unfolds with ease—including everything in your business.

Sure, you still do things. Some things work out, others might not. Shit can still happen and life goes on as before.


YOU have changed.

You feel calmer and more at peace.

You experience more freedom and see how everything you need comes to you the moment you need it—whether it’s a new client, money, or an idea for a new workshop or offer.

Making this shift is available to everyone because Pure Awareness is what everyone already IS.

How you know you’re ready to experience this shift?

You’re drawn to whatever helps you make it—be it a book, a guru, a mentor or a walk in nature.

Or to my brand-new program Easy Breezy Business – build and grow your business effortlessly and stress-free.

We start (and the doors close!) on March 11.

You can read all about and sign up for it here.

If you’re ready for an easy and hassle-free business, maybe I’ll see you there?



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