I love how everything unfolds by itself. Even though I know that’s how life truly works, it’s still magical.

A couple of weeks ago, for example, I looked at the banner on my website and realized that the picture in it didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. I realized it was time for a new photo, maybe even a new banner, but there was no inspiration for anything, so I let it rest. I knew an idea would come at some point, and until then the old banner and photo were good enough.

Fast forward to last week, when my assistant made a new sales page for me. I sent her the copy and included a picture of me for the ‘About Brigitte’ segment.

When she sent me the draft of the sales page, however, she used a completely different photo: a selfie I posted on social media a couple of weeks back. I have no idea what prompted her to use that selfie, but when I saw it, I realized that it was MUCH better than the professional one. Not the quality of the picture—it was taken by a great photographer and I was very happy with it.

But the energy of the professional picture no longer matches my current energy. That selfie, however, does. I put it in my social media profiles already. And I instantly had an idea for new banners on my website, too, so my assistant will create these next.

So, without doing anything for it, a new picture and ideas for a new banner showed up out of nowhere.

It’s just a simple example, but this is how everything in my business and life unfolds.

And it can be the same for YOU, too, if you let Life live you and stop acting from your limited self!

If you’re looking for answers or clarity and actively seek them:

Stop seeking. Relax. What you need will come to you at the perfect time. There’s no need to try to control the process—and you don’t have ANY control over it anyway. 😉

Let Life do its thing, act when inspired, and see how easy & effortless life and business can be.

(And check out my new program Easy Breezy Business—build and grow your business effortlessly and stress-free if any of this resonates. It might be just what you need.)




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