We celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends.

One of them said there was one thing he wished for: to worry less this year.

Others agreed. They, too, would love to worry less!

They looked at me expectantly, wondering if I shared this desire.

“I don’t worry about anything. At all.” I said.

Our conversation ended for some reason at that point, so they never got to ask the question I’m sure they had:

HOW do you stop worrying?

It’s a natural result of dropping your conditioned thoughts and beliefs. Which happens when you stop engaging with your thoughts and watch them without doing ANYTHING with them.

When you notice your thoughts (and feelings) without engaging with them, EVERYTHING changes.

One of these changes, is that you stop worrying.

Thoughts that used to trigger worries and doubts can (and will) still show up. But they no longer set off any inner alarms. You simply watch the thought, and see it pass by without leaving any marks.

Fears, doubts, worries, and thoughts and feelings in general, are simply things that come up and pass by. They’re not personal. You didn’t create them and you don’t control them. You simply notice them.

The problems start when you think your thoughts are yours and need to be acted upon.

They’re not and they don’t.

Any actions you need to take come up naturally, without thinking about it. They flow through you and just happen, like breathing just happens.

The more you experience that thoughts and feelings don’t require your involvement, the less you worry (and the more effortless life becomes).

Until all worries completely fall away.

Yes, a worrying thought or feeling can still show up, but as I just mentioned: it doesn’t leave a mark and simply fades away.

Want to stop worrying?

Drop your conditioning.

Shift into higher consciousness and see for yourself that your true nature is (filled with) freedom, ease, and a joyful, quiet aliveness.

(If you don’t know how, I can show you.)




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