“The mind thinks there’s something to achieve, something to reach or strive for.


It thinks you can be happier or freer—in the future.


The mind believes something needs to happen or you need to do something to get there.


Whether it’s a spiritual practice, healing, therapy, or taking certain actions:


the mind thinks something needs to be done so you can feel better later.


Nothing needs to be done.


EVERYTHING you are and EVERYTHING you need is here NOW.


You already are, always were, and always will be Pure Awareness, whole and complete.


You don’t have to work towards more happiness.


You don’t have to deserve it.


You don’t have to heal, change or become ANYTHING.


You’re already everything you seek.


But you can only recognize that NOW, in this present moment.


So be present. Be aware.


That’s all.


(And observe, as a neutral witness, all thoughts that tell you it can’t be this simple.) ❤️”



The above copy is the email I sent to my private clients earlier today. 

Every Sunday, I send them a short and sweet email as a gentle reminder to relax, be present, and just BE.

A reminder that you’re not a separate person on a journey through life, but you are Pure Awareness.

A reminder that everything and everyone, (yes, you too!) arises from and in Awareness.

Once you live your life from this state of being, instead of from the mind and the belief that you’re a separate person, everythingchanges.

You finally experience the freedom, happiness, aliveness and deep fulfillment you’ve always searched for.

This is your natural state.

You return to it once you stop living from the mind.

(Not that you’ve ever left your natural state of Pure Being. It’s just clouded by conditioning.)

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