If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’ve probably come across this sentence:

“All you have to do is to BE.”

However, there appears to be a common misconception about this idea.

People often think it means you don’t do anything. You just sit on your ass, watch life pass by, and expect everything you need to magically show up at your doorstep.

I understand why they think that, but that’s not what being means. It’s not about doing nothing. It’s about the source of your actions. Do they come from the mind? Or do they spring from Being—from your true self, your source, Pure Awareness?

When actions come from the mind, they’re often distorted actions. They’re surrounded by and stem from conditioned beliefs and attachments.

For example, the belief that if you don’t do this, then that can’t happen.

The idea that you can only get what you want if you make it happen.

The fear that not acting will have negative consequences.

The notion that constant effort, or any effort at all, is essential.

These beliefs share two common elements:

Firstly, fear. The fear that if you don’t act, something will go wrong.

Secondly, the biggest misconception of all: the idea that you’re a separate, individual person, who needs to act to secure your needs.

Both notions are fundamentally incorrect.

Sometimes (more often than you think!) it’s best to do nothing. The mind is incredibly limited and can’t possibly know the best course of action. The less you try to control life, the more effortless life unfolds.

And you’re not a separate, individual person. You, like everything and everyone, are an expression of and within Pure Awareness. Everything and everyone is connected.

The same intelligence that created universes and gravity created you too. It’s the same intelligence that makes the earth spin and the sun shine. Who do you think has the best capability to let life flow with ease: your limited mind, or the Ultimate Intelligence we all, in essence, are?

Stop acting on autopilot, from fear, and from conditioned ideas and beliefs that tell you that you neeeeeeeeed to act, or else!

Start sinking into your True Being. How? By shifting your attention away from your thoughts, feelings, circumstances etc., focusing on observing them instead.

You will still take actions. But they come from a completely different source: from your True Source, Pure Awareness. Your actions will naturally arise from Infinite Being instead of from the limited mind.

All you have to do is to BE.

Everything, including your actions, flows naturally and effortlessly from this foundation.



P.S.: Want to shift out of the mind, into Being, and experience life unfolding for you effortlessly?

I can show you how.

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