We all have an image of ourselves, with ideas of your capabilities, preferences, limitations and character traits. These self-perceptions shape your confidence, self-esteem and even your results (or lack thereof).

That’s why, when you want to make changes in your business or life, you need to examine the stories you tell yourself.

Are these stories helping or hindering you? Are your stories still correct or based on an old, outdated image of yourself?

But here’s the thing.

No matter what story you tell, it remains the wrong story.

Your self-image is rooted in your individuality—your personality traits, past experiences, successes, failures, activities, and conclusions you’ve drawn.

Yet there’s ONE thing you never question:

Your existence as an individual, separate person.

The truth is, that you’re not.

You, me, and everything and everyone else, emerge from and are ‘made of’ Awareness.

At its essence, you are one with these words, the sky, the chair you sit on and the air you breathe.

Everything is interconnected. There is only ONENESS.

This is hard to understand as the mind struggles to grasp this.

But once you shift your perspective from being a person to experiencing your True Nature, everything changes.

You still experience your human adventure. You perform your daily tasks and engage with others. You still brush your teeth, love flowers, dislike the taste of oysters and do your work.

However, your Self-image has transformed.

You no longer identify with any roles or characteristics as defining your being.

Instead, you come to know your True Self, our shared essence. Each day reveals more of our True Nature—a source of genuine and enduring happiness, freedom, flow ease and peace.

Yet, words can merely hint at what we truly are. Your True Self can only be experienced.

As you immerse yourself in your inner ocean of freedom and peace, all struggles, pains and striving dissipate.

Life unfolds effortlessly. You live in the present moment, aware that what you truly are transcends your physical form, personality, circumstances and experiences.

You’re the boundless space in which your body, feelings, thoughts and experiences manifest.

Your Self-image aligns with your True Nature. It’s not an image anymore. It’s your lived experience.

It’s more beautiful than you can image.

It’s your True Home.



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