These questions used to plague me:

  • Am I doing enough?
  • Am I doing the right things?

I looked at people who’d achieved what I desired and wondered how they did it.

What did they do (or know) that I didn’t?

When one of my dreams felt out of reach, I questioned my approach.

Should I change my actions? Should I work harder or smarter?

Eventually, I learned that your results are determined more by your energy than your actions.

So, I focused on that. I worked on my mindset, healed, and raised my vibration.

This worked. My results improved (or stayed the same), stress decreased, and I experienced more freedom and ease.

But I was still working on getting results. I continued seeking ways to raise my vibration and still sometimes doubted my actions.

Throughout my over two decades as a coach, I witnessed similar struggles among my clients.

If their dreams didn’t get closer, they wondered if they did something wrong or if there was something wrong with them.

These questions drain you. They breed self-doubt and keep you searching for new knowledge, coaches, actions, habits and elusive ‘secrets’.

But no matter what you learn or change, the same questions and uncertainties resurface—daily, weekly, or yearly.

The root of these inquiries lies in our human conditioning.

We’re indoctrinated with a belief system that dictates without action nothing happens. To achieve great results, action is imperative. If you desire something, you must DO something.

Whether it’s aligning with your goals, raising your vibration, waking up up at 5 AM, sharing daily Instagram stories, creating a sales funnel, or anything else—it always boils down to doing something to get something. To finding your stuck points, issues, and obstacles, and solve them. It becomes an endless process of fixing and refining yourself.

I no longer wonder if I do enough or do the right things.

I’ve come to realize that it’s pointless to think about what I should do or believe that I’m the one who is doing things.

The truth is that everything is interconnected. There isn’t an individual person who accomplishes anything on their own. All of creation is like a dance within the field of consciousness.

Yes, you breathe, you brush your teeth, you write a blog and walk the dog. But you’re not the sole doer of them. They emerge from Awareness and occur within that Awareness. They are simply movements within the field of the unified whole, Awareness, Pure Consciousness.

The one who acts, observes the action, and shapes what happens next are fundamentally the same.   

I realized I don’t make anything happen or get anything done. Everything manifests effortlessly through me, and I watch its unfolding. This realization brings me evermore freedom and a lightness of being. Everything flows to me effortlessly at precisely the right time.

You can experience this, too. It’s not something you must work for—it’s your True Nature.

Simply drop the shackles of human conditioning and realize that everything you desire is already yours.

If you’re ready, I can help.



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