We all know happiness.

You can feel happy when someone tells you they love you. When you receive a rave review of your work. When you sign on a new client, finish a project, buy a new house, or watch a beautiful sunset.

You also know that happiness seems fleeting.

You can feel great one moment and feel lousy the next.

Why does it seem hard—impossible even— to feel happy, free and at peace always?

Most people (unconsciously) believe being happy takes work.

Whether it’s inner work—working on your mindset, energy, or keeping your vibration high.

Or outer work—setting goals and reaching them, wanting something, and gaining it.

Happiness, it seems, is something to seek, find, or strive for.

You think you must know what makes you happy and do your best to fulfill these criteria.

No matter what you do, you can’t create happiness. You can’t buy it, make it, choose it, or hold onto it.

If this were possible, everyone would be eternally happy already.

So how can you find happiness?

Is it really possible to feel great always, no matter what?

Yes. It is.

And you don’t have to find happiness.

It’s much simpler than that.

(So simple that your mind doesn’t believe it.)

Happiness, freedom, peace, and well-being are what you ARE.

It’s your natural state of being.

You don’t have to seek it. You don’t have to work for it.

You don’t need anything or anyone to feel happy.

All you must do is notice the stillness within that is present right here, right now. Take a moment to notice it.

A thousand thoughts and questions may swirl through your mind. You may feel a bunch of emotions.

You may experience illness or feel like a tornado sweeps through your body, shaking you to your core.

And yet …

if you take a moment to take an imaginary step back within yourself (this makes no sense to your mind, but something inside you understands what this means) …

you notice that underneath the inner storm of thoughts and feelings, struggles and pain, there is a stillness.

A quiet.

A place untouched by any turmoil.

Look at this place.

Bring your attention there instead of on everything that goes on inside and around you.

This untouched, quiet place is who you are.

It is there before you feel happy or sad.

It is there while you feel happy or sad.

It’s still there after your happiness or sadness left you.

The more you pay attention to this stillness, the bigger it seems to get. (It doesn’t actually grow. You just become more conscious of it.)

Soon you will realize this place isn’t just quiet.

It encompasses a whole range of wonderful sensations:

Peace. Ease. Freedom. Happiness. Joy. Bliss, even.

When you live from this place, life feels easy. Everything flows.

This deep sense of well-being is always there, permeating your being.

You’ll notice that it IS you and you experience it always, no matter what happens in your life.

You don’t have to work, strive, or do ANYTHING to find the happiness you seek.

You only have to notice that it’s already here, now.

Practice bringing your attention to this ever-present sense of awareness and aliveness.

Turn inwards.

Stop thinking.

Start noticing the thoughtless, mind-less place within.

It’s THAT simple to experience the true and everlasting freedom and happiness you are.


Can you sense it now, even if it’s very quiet, very small and seems very far away?



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